Aerofly FS2 and HP Reverb

  • Thanks for the info guys. I'm dithering between HP UK and Derekenwinkel. Looks more likely to come from Derekenwinkel, but if there is a problem needing a return it will be more complex for me to resolve it as I am in the UK.

    Also, seeing as I wear glasses I'm not sure it will even be useable from what I have read :(

  • Yes, I'll be getting them once available, but if I can't use the Reverb in the meantime I guess it takes the urgency out of buying it a little :)

    I'm in the UK too, and I actually want to wait to hear from a few people on the forum how they like it. There's talk of screen problems, flickering, mura etc. That could just be a rare few that raise it in forums... or it could be commonplace. I'll let other blaze the trail first I think.

  • An interesting evolution of hmd impressions in these two videos:

    Devons rig

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  • Don't forget that's using a sim that runs at 20fps in VR.

    edit: I've just done a quick back to back test between Rift S and Reverb in AFS2, flying the R22 from the downtown heliport up to midtown and landing on top of the Pan Am building (whatever it's called these days).

    The experience is very pleasant in both headsets, I couldn't get a framerate counter to show, but the game ran very smoothly in both headsets, completely equal there.

    For me, comfort is much better on the Reverb, may be the other way round for some.

    Image brightness and tonal range, pretty equal, with a slight advantage to Reverb, the image just looked a bit 'richer' tonally.

    Sound, very weak on the Rift S as we know, perfectly ok on the Reverb, but not as good as my proper headphones. Anything with an engine and you really need another audio solution with the Rift.

    Image clarity: clear and noticeable improvement in the centre area of the Reverb. An example, with the rift S I have to lean forward until my chin is over the cyclic to see what the labels on the instrument panel say, and even then it's only because I know what they say. The same clarity is visible from the pilot seat in the Reverb. Lean forward a little and you get a much crisper and more detailed view of text and labels. The distant scenery is much clearer and it is easier to pick out separate buildings up to several miles away, where distant edges in the rift are slightly fuzzy.

    Outside the sweet spot I'd say there is less in it, and the Rift has better control over chromatic aberration.

    Screen door is better in the Reverb, akin to looking at a 1080p 27" monitor about 2' away.

    Hope that gives a bit more detail for you guys, my personal preference is the Reverb, which I believe is worth the 50% hike in price (also don't forget the price of decent audio in the Rift). Luckily I haven't had any technical issues, my motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170 gaming board, so maybe it pumps out enough juice from the ports. The Rift S is an excellent headset though, and I can see it might have the edge with a very low fps game like XP11, but to me I'm getting a similar experience in both headsets with XP. Hard to imagine being disappointed with either one.

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  • yeah my reverb arrived today from the netherlands :-), i have only 30 min to test but aerofly FS2 and DCS are awesome clear, i have see no mura or flickering yet., i would say its twice clear as the odyssey + and sharper then the pimax 4k , you can us glasses when they are not to big, i have no problems with my glasses, fov is not bigger than odyssey, sweetspot is better than odyseey, the only thing i must adjust is the ipd, on odysessey i have 61 so i must play around with the settings because 61 on the reverb dont fit good to me, i run steam with 200% with the rtx2080ti

  • aerofly FS2 and DCS are awesome clear, i have see no mura or flickering yet., i would say its twice clear as the odyssey + sweetspot is better than odyseey,

    This is such great news to hear. Since I managed to not put any of my other headsets up for sale yet. I will be waiting til either Reverb has a sale or we see other companies release similar spec versions of their headsets. Who knows things could change ;)

  • hi jake i sold all my headseats (odyssey, odyssey+,pimax my 1080ti so i have enough money zo buy the reverb and the 2080 ti, its better you sold your headsets now before the price for the older headsets going down, yes i think the only headset i was looking in the future is the xtal consumer or acer project ojo

  • I really like this guys channel, he reviews VR for mostly flight sims. Looks like some people are having issues with screen cutting in and out.

    "Might be the reason HP is not currently in stock? Trying to fix the issue?"


  • hmm i have no problems with my reverb, are you sure you set it to 90 hz, if it set to automatic it has problems

    It was me being stupid. I needed to install the Windows Mixed Reality software on Steam....

    However, I have moved on to the next problem now, which is that FS2 runs a for afew minutes and then freezes. On the headset it goes back to the loading logo.

    Is anyone else running the reverb on a GTX1080? I expected I might need to upgrade the GFX card, and maybe the freeze is the proof :)

  • Have you opted into the steamVR beta? There have been quite a few updates this last couple of weeks that have sorted out issues in Dirt Rally 2.0, it might help AFS2 also.

    i7-7700K/Gigabyte RTX2080/Win10 64bit/32Gb RAM/Asus Xonar DX+ Beyer DT990 pro headphones/LG 34" UM65 @2560x1080/Rift CV1/TM Warthog+VKB MkIV Rudder pedals