JF Duchess - ADF needle

  • Will be interested myself on this one, Lynx adf needle only seems to work when I get really close to the station origin,

    I have only tested around Liverpool so perhaps its a UK thing ;)

    I was testing in the UK and I was within 15nm of the NDB

  • Phil,

    I finally got around to checking the ADF in the Duchess. Mine is working fine. I switched over and checked the Turbo Arrow and it is working normally also. Here is a short checklist to make sure all the knobs and switches are set correctly.

    Pick two NDB stations on either side of your flight path. Just for this test I am going to use 260 for the left and 365 for the right side.

    On the KR 87 ADF unit

    1. make sure the power is on (off - VOL)

    2. Press left white button a couple of times and watch for ADF in red in the window above. Leave when ADF is displayed.

    3. Use the tuning knobs to set both frequencies. Press the middle white button (FRQ) to cycle between active and standby frequencies.

    ( the two frequencies are above the 2nd and 4th white button on the display panel) (active is always on the left side, standby on the right)

    4. You can use the Audio to listen for station Identification - Press ADF button on the audio at top center. I white dot will appear when ON.

    5. Go fly and press the center white button (FRQ) to alternate between stations.

    6. Yellow needle should swing from one side to the other. Use bezel for course.

    I'm guessing you may have not selected the standby frequency as the active frequency. (very common mistake)

    Otherwise, we have different versions of the Duchess. Sorry it took so long to respond.



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  • Thanks Ray. Very thorough and great pics – I am sure I tried all those things, but I will test again and also check some other NDB stations. Were you testing in the Florida area?