For which countries did you create photorealistic sceneries with AeroScenery?

  • Hi guys,

    there are a lot of people who use AeroScenery to create photorealistic sceneries. Some of these sceneries can be found at or

    Many of you create your sceneries just for yourself.

    I would like to know for which countries you created sceneries with AeroScenery. I'd also like to know what resolutions you used and if you did any post-processing on the photos before converting.

    I'll start with me:

    Due to lack of time and ability, my post-processing is limited to editing the coasts. I use zoom level 17 and AFS levels 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14. Normaly I use Bing.

    Here are my areas: Southern Germany, Southern France



  • Great Britain, 2 M/PIX resolution. The shorelines hand painted using free software ""

    Ireland, 2 M.PIX resolution. The shorelines hand painted.

    Part Northern Germany all in 2 M/PIX resolution made with "AeroScenery"

    Malta and Gozo in 1 M.PIX resolution.

    Finland Part South in 2 M/PIX resolution shorelines

    Canary Islands in 2 M/PIX resolution

    Switzerland Part in 2 M/PIX resolution

    Florida USA Part in 2 M/PIX resolution

    New York Part in 2 M/PIX resolution

    Italy and Austria in 2 M/PIX resolution

    Denmark in 2 M/PIX resolution

    Spain small part north in 2 M/PIX resolution

    Occasionally I have time to fly............................................Michael.

    All of the above have cultivation made with ScenProc

    Best wishes, Michael :)

  • La Corse avec les images Bing.

    Grille: 9

    Zoom ! 17


    Réglages: avec masques mais je les supprime dès la production finalisée des fichiers .ttc

    cela parce que les masques décochés entraine la production des fichiers .ttc, dossier vide!

    c'est arrivé une fois, alors je ne prends plus le risque, en attendant confirmation.

    Sur une île, les retouches sur les côtiers sont énormes, et les reprises sur les jonctions assez difficiles à réaliser ...

    Il faut quasiment survivre pour décoller et donc ... faire les retouches sur les images assemblées et relancer GeoConvert.

    Sur ma configuration! i7 6700K - CM Ranger ASUS Maximus VIII - RAM GSkill DDR4-3000 16 GB ...

    j'ai mis aujourd'hui 2h.16 mn. C'est correct.

    Bon courage.

    Je vais bientôt lancer la production de l'île d'Elbe, très jolie ... mais AFS2

    Je porte mes espoirs vers le futur FS11 (fin 2020)!.

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  • Just a few

    Lukla with BING, Colored enchanced with cloud removal. (THE HILLS AND RIVERS LOOK AMAZING)

    Hawaii with GOOGLE, requires alot of cloud removal.

    Patagonia South Chile with BING. Very beautiful satellite imagery with Brightness and Contrast increased a bit. Again lots of Cloud removal.

    Removed Colorado ttx. files from the Colorado DLC and replaced with GOOGLE. Looks fantastic, however Downtown DENVER has a bit of color issue.

    Grid 9

    Zoom Level 16 and 17 (depends on the area)

    9, 10, 12, 13 (14 for only areas with zoom level 19, 20)

  • Je porte mes espoirs vers le futur FS11 (fin 2020)!.

    I doubt that the streamed unedited Bing images will look better than the sceneries, we are able to create ourselves with AeroScenery. I had installed TileProxy on FSX years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember, which image source I used. The quality was fine, but the resolution wasn't so great. It only became really good when I stayed in pause mode at one point and the high-resolution images could be reloaded. But let's see. I'm curious too.

    Removed Colorado ttx. files from the Colorado DLC and replaced with GOO

    I didn't notice that the quality of the original scenery is not so good.

  • I started to make some scenery for Japan beginning with Hokkaido but gave up. While Cultivation results were quite good thanks to the efforts by Crispy136 and Arno essentially, I am really dissatisfied with the Aerials. AeroScenery works pretty well now and is easy to use, but imagery itself is generally poor. I tried Bing, Google, the Japanese sever, and ArcGis. They all have inacceptable clouds and/or color steps. These sure can be corrected manually, but the amount of work wouldn't leave me any time for actual flying anymore.:(. The only cloud-free source in Japan is Google but this has inacceptable color variations (sometimes even along jagged lines) as well.

    Basically, that's what others reported as well, and I doubt we can do anything about it.

    Kind regards, Michael

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