Why no planned support for hand-tracking?

  • I realize its early but clearly hand-tracking is going to be the future of VR. It's application for simulation is obvious..it will make adjusting instruments more realistic and easier.

    From drhotwing1 (IPACS)

    This was referring to leap motion but I assume the same goes for other hand-tracking devices such as the new Oculus quest.

    VR Hands new hardware

    "A universal approach to include most VR motion controllers currently on the market has already been accomplished. It's not likely that we will re-approach this feature for quite some time, if ever to be honest. The launch of the VR Hands was very successful and it appeals to most users with VR headsets. We are now onto other high priority features."

    Seriously???? How can implementing hand tracking not be a high priority?

    Having a mix of physical throttle/joystick with hand-tracking for instruments would be a huge step forward.

  • I agree 100%. Hand tracking will be a fantastic improvement to VR and a great opportunity for IPACS to improve its lead over the competition in one of the small but important number of areas where it has a USP.

    I've actually been hoping that the recent update to allow pilot body to show in VR is a step in this direction.

    Remember too that the Vive includes hand tracking in its SDK, so we've got Vive and Oculus covered. We just need WMR to do something as I'd love it in my Reverb... when I get it.

  • Does any available headset except the Oculus Quest support this already from the hardware side? Otherwise, yes, I agree this would be a giant step into the future.

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    The way that we developed the code for VR Hands was to take a universal approach so that it best fit the needs of the two primary hand tracking systems (Touch and Vive). For us to change to a finger tracking solution we would have to pretty much scrap all of the code that was made to make this all work. Also, with the exception (possibly) of the Quest receiving a software update to allow for finger tracking and then adding tethering to a PC there are no other mainstream solutions that would prompt us to change our code.

    I'm not saying that in the future IF finger tracking becomes more universal we won't take another look/approach to this, but at this point in time we are not changing our VR Hand solution.

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