EC-135 "profi" flight model?

  • I think so yes and maybe even better, we will findout soon...looking forward to hoover around with this classic.

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  • I guess it will be "profi' only, a bigger chopper is pretty stable. Probably no need for 'easy/standard' mode like the squirly and light R22 ?

    The sim will get a lot more interest from rotorheads this year with also an Apache in development....


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    The R22 does not have two different flight models. It has only one flight model which is always the full deal.

    Unless you have the profi checkbox checked you will get an additional stabilization system to help you fly the full flight model and otherwise difficult to control helicopter. But it does not change the flight model at all! Think of it as having power-steering in your car. It doesn't actually make the car drive any better or worse it just improves the control forces.

    The EC135 has a stability augmentation system in the real aircraft. You'll probably be able to turn it off during the flight in Aerofly as well if you chose to do so. So it doesn't really need the same stabilization like the R22, only improved yaw stability. The profi checkbox will probably be there so that you can chose to have the tail rotor in assisted mode.



  • The only sim looking after the heli community and VR while over at MSFS 2020 we don't count. Apparently they want to do it right so with their billions at MS and Aerofly can just keep delivering real helicopter dynamics and mind blowing VR.