Aerofly FS 2021 Reported Bugs ( Version 20.21.05 )

  • Hope it's ok to post multiple times, I thought to keep one item per post, for clarity.

    Uk region has tiles that are quite lowres compared to the rest. Eg West or Bristol, but there are quite a

    Oh yeah, well first there’s the lines on the actual map itself which are from when the scenery was acquired by IPACS. As for the lowres part, there are multiple areas I’ve seen this, where in-game the terrain switches from well-rendered to blurry. One part near Denver, another in LA mountains, near Big Bear and San Bernardino airports. Must be normal because some areas don’t need hi resolution because there’s nothing there in some cases. Cities and big areas are higher res though, which is all that matters 😀

  • The texture resolution in the cockpit is a function of device specs as far as I know. On the best devices you should see a higher resolution.

    We also have to balance the texture size for all aircraft. They take up a ton of space and we can only load so much into your device memory before the app is shut down by the operating system.

    I just looked at this on an iPad. The texture volumes of the different planes are already very different. While on a DASH 8 I can see the text pin sharp, on the LearJet or the G90 it is much more blurry.🔎

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)

    Configuration: MacBookPro 15-inch, 2018; Pocessor: 2,9 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i9; RAM: 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4; Graphics board: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB)

  • Airplane issues I noticed so far:


    Throttle over 21% exceeds 100%rpm.

    Autopilot buttons don't activate, unless I'm dumb.

    Instrument panel, especially Ap section, looks a bit blurry to read.

    Not a bug, but it would be awesome to have one non-camo livery, as seen on Aerofly 2 app.


    Engine sound crackles, especially at high rpm.

    Can't change AP heading.

    Not a bug, but it would be awesome to add a soundbarrier sound cue.


    Autopilot section looks too blurry to be usable.


    Autopilot section looks too blurry to be usable.

    Unreadable instruments (blurry)

    Regarding the blurriness of textures, please note this applies to a number of aircrafts at various degress. This happens on an Iphone 11 A2221 4gb ram.

    Maybe the reduction is a bit too aggressive, is it something you might consider improving a notch?

    Please compare against the sharp and readable lear45 autopilot panel found on the Aerofly 2 Ipad app from 6 years ago:

    lear45 on Aerofly2 Ipad, sharp textures

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding the sound barrier...

    Breaking through the sound barrier doesn't actually create any sound. It's the flying above the speed of sound and passing over a standing observer who then hears a sonic boom.

    When you sit in the cockpit you don't hear anything at all because you are travelling just as fast as the plane and the shockwave created by the plane is not traveling relative to you ears.

    So when we do add this you still won't hear a thing in the cockpit. And when you use the camera panning around the plane you will hear silence until you are behind the plane. Then you'll hear the sound of the afterburner and wind sound. As you pass the mach angle with your camera view angle it suddenly jumps up in volume, maybe we'll add a slight boom there. But for the real effect you'll have to switch to a stationary observer.

    As of right now this is on our wish list but it requires a major sound engine overhaul. So it's not easy to add in atm.

  • Guys,

    I think I found a bug again And as usual, I don't know is it bug or no

    When at Denver with night condition, As usual there an city light right?

    when I use exterior view, The city light was still bright and visible. But when I use cockpit view, the light is almost invisible But it still looks a little again, here is the photo

  • Taking advantage of this measured approach in DME present a bug both in Android version (iOS)? and desktop PC take a look the route capture below, the navigation seems to be deviated and out of alignment with the track I planned the route according to the tutorial.



    A320 Test Pilot at Aerofly FS2!

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  • Whenever I try to spawn my aircraft on the ground at numerous European airports, the app will say loading scenery, aircraft, etc then force close. Specifically it is happening at Heathrow and Zurich. I have tried loading in at both the aircraft parking locations and various runways. I have also now tried to start the flight already airborne in the general vicinity of the airports and it will either force close, or close a few moments after loading in.