Teaser for the next major Aerofly FS version for mobile devices

  • Please let the developer

    Can you elaborate on the "few issues" that android has thanks

    Drivers and mechanism calls are different, the biggest problem is the variety of android phones, uneven performance, and sometimes some code can not be shared.

    And based on Samsung 5nm power consumption is not good, excessive phone heat will affect the game frame rate, which is also a headache for developers.

  • My sum up (translated by an AI):

    For you Eduardo  ;)

    700 airports in most regions of Europe (including Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, etc.), knowing that there are already 180 in England and 30 in Switzerland (to get an idea, there are currently 500 in the USA).

    New and improved and more efficient cloud model (while today we already have, by far, the best clouds on mobile)

    Functional hydraulic system on the A320

    New Boeing 787

    New Bombardier CRJ900

    New Junkers Ju 52

    The A380 is upgraded to the others (100% functional, Cold & Dark)

    Landing lights illuminate the runway

    Automatic processing of crop area filling (for recent iOS devices)

    Not included in Apple Arcade

    On Windows, Aerofly FS 4 will succeed Aerofly FS 2 (no version 3!!), it will be a new application in its own right

    Probable release December 2021

    All iOS devices compatible with Aerofly FS 2021 will be compatible with Aerofly FS 2022

    CPU/GPU characteristics will be pushed up in early 2022, probably for the most powerful iOS devices

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer of the Airbus A320

    Aerofly FS 4 / MacBook Pro / M1 Pro / Thrustmaster Captain Airbus Edition

  • First screenshots for the upcoming iOS mobile version of Aerofly FS are online!

    New clouds and one more aircraft, can you guess which one?

    That's the Junkers JU 52

  • I have nothing to say to those who have illusions. It's hard for you to experience the feeling of PC on mobile devices. When you choose to occupy more storage in the form of DLC, the pressure on your computing power and graphics processing power will be much greater. That's why they made the PC version. AF still has many functions that have not been implemented, such as the ground service system. But I still don't think there will be trees and crops on mobile devices. That's the difference. Paper data alone can't explain the problem. Be rational. If you want more, buy a RTX3090. ^^

    To grow an entire Europe, or an entire America, of trees and crops on a mobile device, I need to put it in the refrigerator.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)  admin What do you think about this? :/

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    Fighter jets cold and dark plus one, at least the trainer would be nice.

    The MB339 will feature engine start and probably cold and dark, too. The F15E and F/A-18C don't have that yet but the F15 will have a working up front control that allows you to set nav frequencies.

    The A380 is upgraded to the others (100% functional, Cold & Dark)

    No simulation is ever 100% functional. I'm guessing even the pilots only use like 30% of the available display pages on the 787 or A380. There are so many maintenance features and new are added that it's impossible to have 100% functional simulation aircraft.

  • What? I'm just asking if it's possible, maybe not at all,Thunderstorm clouds need to be displayed on the panel, which is another complicated process. I'm joking. Maybe I really don't understand what you're trying to say.

    In that case, radar should be displayed to avoid the cumulonimbus storm clouds

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer of the Airbus A320

    Aerofly FS 4 / MacBook Pro / M1 Pro / Thrustmaster Captain Airbus Edition

  • In that case, radar should be displayed to avoid the cumulonimbus storm clouds

    Ok, let me rephrase that. Will developers want to make a weather radar display on the plane's display panel? Or create a thunderstorm in the game? I'm not talking about what we should do when we encounter a thunderstorm cloud. I know it seems a bit difficult, because on the mobile, we can't use the plane's camera button,I think it's the same difficulty to make them

    I want to seriously discuss the possibility of achieving this goal.

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    Regarding the clouds:

    We now implemented our own cloud rendering algorithm and we no longer have to rely on third party libraries which often caused us headaches and issues on some of our platforms. For the initial release version we aim to offer a similar visual experience as before but with improved performance and improved draw distance. In the future we can expand on that and add more variations to the clouds, place them exactly where we want and variate the cloud types, add multiple layers etc.

  • I’m so grateful for all of the hard work and updates being done by the developers. I love Aerofly. I will say that the thing that keeps me coming back to Aerofly the most is the scenery that makes the experience so engaging. I’m thrilled about the prospects of “most of Europe” especially if we get more of the Alps at a high resolution. The parts of the Alps that are already at a high res are absolutely magnificent, especially with clouds.

    Two questions:

    1. Do we know if the mountains that are at a lower resolution in Switzerland (and the parts being added - hopefully Mont Blanc, northern Italy, France, and Austria) will be higher res like the ones south of Interlaken? I would love to have the choice to download all HR textures if I have room on my device.

    2. There was once talk that Washington and Oregon were next to be added in the US. Is this true for this release or will there be any other US scenery added?