Who is enjoying FS 2022?

  • Hello fellow Captains

    I've been reading the forums tonight and there are a few posts which I thought were overly negative.

    Sure, there are bugs in this initial release - but this is a complex application and I'm sure they will get fixed over the coming weeks.

    The new lighting model and new clouds are beautiful - actually stunning and very GPU demanding. I'd recommend you try this latest generation of Aerofly on iOS devices with an A11 soc or later with minimum 3GB RAM.

    Flying a KLM 787 Dreamliner over Amsterdam at sundown is, simply put - amazing.

    Who else is enjoying Aerofly FS 2022?

  • Me! I’m really enjoying it. I’ve already logged quite a few hours. Landing at night with the new lighting is awesome. But landing in the daytime at Heathrow in AF2020 is equally awesome with the 3d scenery of London. I really hope that one day it will all be in one version. Kudos to the developers though. I’ve more praise than criticism.

  • I'm definitely enjoying FS 2022. The positive significantly outweigh the negatives. Some things still bother me though, like resolution in certain areas and the 787 feeling underpowered with autopilot.

    The CRJ-900 is incredibly fun.

    The new lighting and aircraft lights are absolutely amazing. I just want the U.S. back. Is there anything stopping the devs from readding the United States but not change the stuff to the new lighting?

  • The best comment and the best post I have read after the launch of aerofly 2022 certainly there are much more good things than bad in this version, and it is understandable that it has some errors, it is a too complex and complete game and errors will always appear in something so complex ... the developers did an incredible job I never imagined flying a boeing 787 dreamliner in a Mobil device ever ... but they got that is amazing ... and let's be patient The new lighting is wonderful the new airports the new crj900 and Ju52 are amazing ... The developers are going to solve all those bugs, let's just be patient and I hope that later we can have a better resolution of terrain and mountains, strange The quality of regions like Las Vegas, Nevada, Denver, California I hope we can have that same quality in Europe I only have That request 😊 to be able to have the mountains of Scandinavia, Italian French Alps, Gibraltar and Innsbruck with the same quality as the landscape of Switzerland

  • The system depth, visuals, sounds and aerodynamics are simply amazing!!! and all that for a price under 10 EUR. Please consider the price of other simulators like aerowinx PSX (350,- EUR) or A3xxflightdeck (450,- EUR) (both also absolutely worth it).

    So they did a really good job!!!

    Regards, Timo

  • I’m not. This seems to be a backward step Laggy on my IPAD PRO 3rd Gen. Co pilot does not work properly When I try and use throttle and yoke together when landing it does not work. The amount of times I have lost steering. No US scenery. All of the beautiful 3d scenery in London gone but no real improvement in detail. A shocking amount of pretty major bugs that spoil enjoyment I’m afraid I obtained a refund from Apple

  • I am a real fan of Aerofly and keep coming back to them from the “other sims” over and over again since I think their overall graphics, system depth and features have always been leading in the field of mobile flight sims. I was eagerly awaiting this 2022 release and respect the efforts with the clouds, the lights and the new aircraftsand all the other gimmicks.However I am a bit disappointed with the quality of the release. There are simply to many bugs that are so obvious. And things that always worked and were an Aerofly standard suddenly don’t. And I don’t get why the scenery graphics seem to actually develop backwards. So a big thumbs up for trying and ideas. However with a rating I rather wait till the “beta testing” is finished. I deleted 2021 version because of space already . Should have waited a bit. But hey , that’s my personal opinion. I mean no offence. Just waiting for a quick and comprehensive update to be a happy man again…

  • Me worth try than af 2021. Regretted that purchase but loved this af 2022.