How much storage do 3D cities take up? Will they return?

  • How much storage do 3D buildings, specifically cities, take up?

    I remember we had a 3D city for Phoenix in Aerofly FS 2020 and then they never returned for FS 2021.

    Now we lost the 3D city for London in FS 2022.

    Will 3D cities ever return? And when the United States gets readded, will they also return for Phoenix?

    Could it be possible to have 3D cities as a downloadable add-on so the less stronger devices don't have to be forced to handle 3D cities?

  • One thing I'm Clear that both iOS and Android has its own limits. All mobile phones aren't PC computers to add every features such as buildings,trees,hd 4k sceneries. First of all adding them will have a impact on the following:

    Fps, device storage will decrease.

    Considering this, yes I agree we missed London 3d buildings and not only them. Swiss area also i noticed there are some buildings missing. They will fix it in future. But remember this may or may not come for android due to performance issues. You can implement many features for iOS and Android. But think that iOS also has its own limits. You can't stuff many things on iOS just like that. It's like eating a burger a day. If you stuff many things a day you'll get fat right? The same applies for android and iOS. Not everything can be implemented on iOS and Android just like that. Maybe they will consider it in future. If it is streamable scenery you will get all features like buildings,crops,4k scenery,real landscapes and more..... it will no longer impact the storage and load time

    Supporting your point, we don't have Eiffel tower in Paris the great dissapointment is that. Another thing is that the Italy Pisa tower is also missing. So i hope they add this in future. They can do one thing is that (streaming the scenery via cloud). But again that requires subscription not to mention them. Just giving a idea.

  • Devs should have added an opinion in the settings page for the density of the 3D buildings instead of totally removing them.

    I think they removed them for the launching of the new application to avoid massive problems. They will be back for certain devices only.

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  • I want 3d buildings. I like to look out of the window. As a Londoner. I loved seeing buildings that i recognised. It made flying into Heathrow so much more enjoyable. I would love more 3d buildings in the sim. I’m not just a simmer. Sometimes, I like to let the copilot fly. I just look out of the window.