• Well I'm new to Aero Fly FS 2 and all I can say is "WoW" ! Compared to the MSFS 2020 constant nightmare I attempted, AeroFly is way ahead of that Microsoft crap. I'm a dedicated Aerofly guy now. That said I'm having a slight hiccup issue when flying. I'm sure many of you have had this and corrected it but I'm not sure if I have my settings right or my PC graphics and Nvidia set right. I'm not new to computers but new to SIM's and getting them tweaked graphically properly. This is the first time I use my PC for anything else other than regular use. I'm using a 4K Samsung TV (in PC mode) and full screen resolution 3160 x 2140. My PC display settings are set as default as well to 3160 x 2140. I don't have Game Mode on...? I don't have latency on...? Any suggestions to get rid of this slight Hiccup as I fly would be greatly appreciated.

    What am I doing wrong...? lol

    BTW, its mostly happens when I'm flying low over land or buildings etc. Its a slight glitch or stutter if you will.

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    Make sure that you select the correct graphics card in your Nvidia settings. Some processors have a graphic chip that sometimes is used instead of your much more powerful dedicated graphics card. If you check the tm.log file in your Aerofly FS 2 user folder in the user's documents directory it should say something along the lines "using renderer NVIDIA...".

    In the Nvidia settings:

    Set OpenGL rendering GPU to your graphics card.

    In the windows settings:

    Set on hardware acceleration and from the drop-down menu try and select something other than desktop app, does it have something like 3d game mode?

    If you have a decent graphics card you should be able to use fully maxed out settings even in 4K.

    You can also try the new Vulkan renderer which boosts performance by up to 15% or so

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    These could be loading stutters. Unfortunately the graphics card manufacturers still haven't found a good way to upload data to the GPU in the background without affecting the framerate. Using the Vulkan renderer this could be better but as far as I know it's currently not possible to reduce stutters further because the graphics card is locked up while loading new textures like ground aerial images.

  • I have it on order now.

    You guys have been most excellent in helping me with this after my MSFS 2020 fiasco. What a disaster that was. I had the standard version. I have the Xbox Version too on CD (or is it blue ray...?), just waiting for an Xbox X console through my friend who works at Microsoft Canada 🇨🇦 in Vancouver. I shouldn’t have any issues running that on an Xbox console. Apparently from what I’ve read the Xbox version of MSFS is better than the PC version. We’ll see......

    Interesting. I have MSFS20 on my laptop now and I am having very few problems with it. I was getting CTD's when switching from airport to airport but that seems to be a bit more stable now. I went for the bog standard version too but spent a bit in the Orbx store as well. The frame rates are low to mid 20's on my rig at medium and that is not too bad in my opinion. I think the Aerofly scenery is a bit sharper though. I am looking forward to seeing how FS4 stacks up against it.

  • Well I guess we all have a limit and it sounds like you reached yours. I think most of us have been overwhelmed with technical troubles in the past. Hope you fix yours soon.

  • Try a file tree program to reveal the size of folders and files, that way any rogue giant will stand out and can be taken care of. Be careful to not delete essential windows files like the page file if you are showing normally hidden files.

    TreeSize is one example of a free program, I haven’t tried it myself so I’m not endorsing it. Here is a YouTube guide video

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