H125 - Helicopters

  • Would you be ready to pay for further development/new helicopter module like a consumer version of H125 and HESLO ( Sling Load ) addon ? 28

    1. Yes I would, it could attract most of rotary pilots using other sims and put Aerofly excellent Flight Dynamics to great use ! (24) 86%
    2. No I wouldn't, I'm fine with the Robinson and the 135 only, I prefer to have the whole series of Boeings and Airbuses available than developping the rotary wings sector (4) 14%

    Hi there,

    From day one I was following the marvelous work done with IPACS team, VRM and Airbus guys. They developped a true masterpiece, an extremely accurate rendition of the AS350Be ( now H125 )

    H125 Simulator

    Unfortunately, I had to admit and come to the acceptation this is, while based on Aerofly FS2, a completely different product with different contracts and customer target base. This is an EASA certified FSTD.


    Being developped from regular Aerofly FS2, I see no point why a " consumer " version couldn't be extrapolated.

    The R-22 model and physics are absolutely outstanding.

    The EC-135 as well.

    I'm an industry pilot with 2000 hours on AS 350s ( B2 and B3e ) and freshly type rated on EC-135T2+ ( strange they say it's a T1, it really looks the same as the T2+ CPDS I used for training. Actual T1 CDS are much older with analogue gauges ).

    And I'm deeply impressed by the degree of fidelity and attention to details put in both those airframes. I would love to test the H125 as most of my experience is on it but for now, only Flight Schools can purchase the whole sim platform.


    It would be so nice if you could pursue development of Helicopters for the upcoming Aerofly FS4 version. There are so many tubeliners in the pipeline, but only ... the R-22 and the EC-135 ? When you have a ready cooked H125 ?

    HESLO is also to die for from what I saw and, even a simplified version of it would be amazing. X-Plane and DCS offers sling load capability but you're the only one having proper mirror reflections so we can use both VRLL and mirror reference !

    So, here is my poll :

    Who would be ready to pay and invest in such an addon ( new helico, like " converted " H125 and HESLO module ) ?


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  • Would be nice, but as far as I know that version of Aerofly and the H125 are an exclusive for VRM, I assume they paided for that too. But who knows what the future brings...


    Peter Splinter

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  • An H125 for Aerofly FS4 would be great, best bet would probably to do it as a third party development project. Myself I have been looking into doing a custom helicopter project for Aerofly, the H125 could be a good candidate😀 A good 3d model (exterior / interior) would be the first step.

  • 3ds max I can use (even though I have mainly used Blender). I do not have any tmq for the as350, but I intention was to create the model from scratch not base it on any existing one. And, I do now it involves a lot of work, but I am not new to challenges.

  • Larrylynx, heard manu good things about your products !

    Do you know how could we add or mod something to add HESLO/Sling Loads to existing R-22 or EC-135 with mirrors ?

    Would SDK allow it ?


    Long time Sim Enthusiast

    Aerial Work and HEMS Ops

  • To be honest I have no idea.

    From screenshots previously posted it has been done but that was with a different version of FS2, one supplied to a private company.

    Best person to answer the question would be Jetpack

  • Bought my computer and sim specifically for training helicopters and aerobatics/tailwheel. I fly Astars in real world and it would be great to find a sim I could practice EPs and stuff like in the VRM videos.

    It is sad that the H125 model is exclusive to VRM, it would be a great addition to Aerofly FS4. With some effort a new model could be developed, hopefully the SDK tools will be improved (and include Blender support) so it would be easier to develop a new third party helicopter.