Aerofly FS 4 Perspective

  • Greetings All,

    Back in Aerofly FS 2, I discussed some flight dynamic items with jetpack regarding some of the aircraft that I felt didn't feel as solid as they should have been. Jan took my advice and did some modifications and those aircraft were spot on. Now, I stepped away from version 2 to free up space because I knew that next version was imminent. After the release, I returned and found that the aircraft flew like a dream! They have the correct control inertia and feel that I experience real world! I have Prepar3D, Xplane and MSFS2020. I find myself always tinkering and adjusting aircraft within them just to get them to fly and feel as I know they should. But in version 4, they fly and feel exactly as I expect. I won't even mention the regular performance and out of the box VR performance it gives. No tweaks needed at all. I just installed a 3080TI to pair with my I7 8086K and MSFS2020 has terrible frames at certain airports on the ground. I had decent rates, but did a fresh install after the 3080TI and back to the drawing board of tweaking again. I'm over it. I see that version 4 is making great progress and as more airports and aircraft make it in, why would you even waste time on the other sims. No tweaking needed! DCS for combat and aerofly for civil flying. I feel that the behavior of the aircraft in version 4 is a testament to the hard work put forth by Jan.

    Now, I know a lot of people are crazy about eye candy. I have always felt that flight dynamics and feel should be at the heart of a simulation. Even level D sims and the sims I flew for aircraft such as C141s and DC10s were crude. They got the job done and there wasn't much to see outside of the constant warnings and flashing caution lights. Occasionally, they hit you with that one traffic aircraft to get you into a resolution advisory. Level Ds have better visuals now, but are still barely populated. Only certain areas have nice terrain so that you can circle effectively. But, Aerofly 4 with VR and those great dynamics is on the rise. I mean, no tweaks needed and performs out of the box. Hats off to the team and congrats. I am looking forward to the upcoming features as I see that Aerofly will be the sim of the future. VR alone is way ahead of the other civil sims.


  • Interesting, I’ve been sitting on the ‘4’ fence. This and Jan’s 737 improvement post seems quite compelling. I really liked the feel of mobile FS back in 2014.

    I am looking forward to the B737-500 flight tutorial.