Things I noticed

  • Not a big one (maybe a slightly more noticeable bug at the end) but totally forgot that AF2022 changed the names of some of the aircraft and was wondering why.

    Stuff like Marganski Swift S1 became Swift

    F-18 -> F/A-18C

    Pitts S-2B -> Pitts

    F4U Corsair -> Corsair

    King Air C90 GTx -> King Air

    Dash 8 Q400 -> Q400

    As well as this, the Freece Tricolore livery for the MB339 got removed, and I noticed that the F15’s air brake doesn’t activate in flight anymore. With the last versions you could slide down on the brake in-flight and the air brake would deploy. In 2022 it doesn’t. Maybe a bit too late to mention these things as it’s october now but just some things I noticed with the last aerofly sim that I maybe didn’t think to post about before.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) just in regard to the MB livery any idea on why this was removed? and then could the F15 air brake activate as a spoiler in the next version because in 2022 it’s kind of useless as it doesn’t activate at all in flight 😂


  • Hi Phil,

    The airbrake issue is a bug which should be fixed in the next version.

    As far as I know the Mb339 repaint had to be removed because of licensing issues.

    Ah okay, thanks for the reply. Just realised the triple 7s spoilers don’t activate either unless you manually pull the lever. Is that a bug as well or intentional?