Aerofly 21/22 and Aerofly 23

  • I have both Aerofly 21 (London 3d scenery) and 22 (European airports) on my iPad. They take up 32gig of memory. I hope that Aerofly 23 incorporates everything that AF21/22 has, so I can delete them both. I have an iPad Pro. IOS16 will have a 16gig virtual memory swap file capability.

    IPacs please have everything in AF23 that AF21/22 has. I only want one Aerofly Flightsim on my iPad. Make AF23 32gigs if needs be. Which as I said before is the space that AF21 and 22 are taking up on my iPad.

  • It is not very friendly for players with low-end devices.

    The extensive android graphics menu is excellent for older and inexpensive devices, I regularly use FS2022 on a 2016 android tablet, the graphics menu pixel density of 90% option makes it both stable and responsive.

    FS2022 really could not be much more accommodating, android even gets updates and fixes!

  • I've always kept the pixel density setting on 100, which was the default. Does this give the highest visual quality and resolution?

    I have a fairly new device, Samsung S20 FE .... Is this device likely to benefit from a lower setting such as 90?

  • If you have dense low clouds at sunrise or sunset in a plane like the Dash 8 flying out of scenery like San Francisco you might consider if you need full frame rates and dense traffic and the highest graphics settings, my recent android phone could not be expected to cope with everything all at once.

    I only used the pixel density option on my old android tablet after I had turned everything else down to a minimum.