Aerofly on Ipad Pro

  • I think aerofly should come in two versions for every future release,

    For example:

    Aerofly FS2023

    and Aerofly FS2023 (Pro)

    Something like that,

    The pro version being that the game will have more scenery, 3D buildings and objects as it could be downloaded only on Ipad Pro’s or tablets that are able to run more demanding games.

    As we’ve seen with AF2022 we lost some regions, and many 3D buildings like the City of London and Los angeles for example. Having a separate version with all of these features from past versions would definitely make this simulator among the best. (Even though it already is, it could be just that bit better) :)

  • Same version but with In-Apps purchases to improve scenery (trees, towns, etc.).

    But on M1 devices, talking having same features than Aerofly FS 4 will hurt into a problem of cooling. M1 Macs are not really heating a lot, but the fan works a bit in high density areas. An iPad M1/M2 would be limited anyways because of its cooling capacities, especially if it is neatly nested inside a case.

    But, yes, I'm sure an iPad Pro M1/M2 could roar as never seen before. IPACS has plenty the abilities to make it grrr roars (I think of Infinite Flight that is so unable to do one poor cloud).

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  • Why not have an iPadOS FS202N menu performance choice (settings/graphics settings/graphics quality) just like Android has in order to accommodate the hardware spread? The year 2023 and 2024 hardware presumptions are presumably established and waiting to be packaged as new mobile offerings, an iPadOS top tier could just borrow from the following year’s setup.