Aerofly FS 4 Bugs

  • Hello there,

    Recently I bought Aerofly FS 4, and while flying some Challenges with A380. I encountered some weired Bugs that makes my simulator Crash.

    1. Fly the Challenge "A380 Return to Service"- While you will be on Autopilot not CoPilot, just when you will be approaching the Destination Airport, the Simulator Crashes everytime I fly this Challenge. ( See Image Below )

    2. Can you Please Check the Orientation of the Main Side Landing Gears of the A380. It seems like they are not properly Extended, they are bit tilted.

    3. Inside the A380, hop into First Officer Seat and in the FMS-2 press the Number Buttons in the FMC-Input Keyboard, the Orientation of numbers is opposite. Like If you press 6 it will show 4 on screen, similarly, if you press 9 it will display 7. Kindly Check.

  • admin I run Aerofly FS 4 on my Laptop: Specs RTX 3060, Ryzen 9 Processor, 16GB Ram, 1TB Hard Drive.

    In order to reproduce the crash, Play the Challenge "A380 Return to Service". Like when I fly this mission with altitude 12000ft, at the time when I start to descent for KLAX, the Simulator Crashes everytime I fly that challenge.

  • valve index headset and hand controls

    binding is set to default.

    its the 4 finger closed hand that does not move the fingers.... trigger does.... but gripping hand does not.

    this is what you use to grab a control stick.