My wishlist for "minor" features and improvements for Aerofly FS 4

  • Hi there,

    since the big feature requests like fuel, weight, better weather and variable winds, animated water, ATC, GNS530
    and so on are certainly on the list of awareness already, I would like to propose some minor features,
    that would improve the SIM significantly in my opinion:

    • Navigation Screen
      • please allow to save Routs in order to reload them for later flights
    • FMC
      • fully unlock Direct-To functionality
      • full rout programming with airways
      • Boeing: introduce DESC page
      • Fix LNAV issue with (I)-waypoints
    • Time skipping screen
      • show T/C and T/D
      • By default skipping time should stop 10nm before T/D and not skip the T/D
      • Let the user drag the plane on the time-line allowing to also move back in time.
    • Moving Map (In-game map)
      • Please allow to drag the map (inside the map window).
      • In addition to NDBs and VORs the map should also show Localizers.
      • Allow the user to click on all Navaids as well as Runways in order to reveal
        • frequencies of NDBs, VORs and Localizers
        • runway headings
    • Location Screen
      • show range rings around the green plane-symbol
      • "short Final" and "long Final" seem way too short
        • "Short Final" should be 6nm, "long final" 12nm at least.
      • It should be possible to drag the plane around on the map rather than having to click around.
    • Sound
      • Engine sounds can get super lush and too quiet I think when IDLE.
      • You can hardly hear wind in the cockpit.
      • Sound Settings?
        • ability to mix cockpit- versus outside sound...
    • Takeoff Config
      • The paring break should better be on.
    • Joystick Sensitivity
      • place the sensitivity slider below Airplanes inside the "Aircraft" screen
        and save the setting airplane-specific
    • HUD, also show:
      • current QnH & temperature
      • selected course (HSI)
      • "AP", "FD", depending on what is active
    • "START" Button (Main Menue)
      • should better be called "FLY" as it is used not only to start a flight but also to resume it
    • Menu UI
      • Tabs would be appreciated...
      • better cursor feedback, tooltips...
    • Scenery
      • I do miss Greece
      • All availabe Airports should have satalite-scenery.
        • I noticed that this is missing on the canarian islands.
    • A/T planes
      • please bypass the hardware throttle during active A/T mode like "SPD" or "N1"
    • Immersion
      • Wind is hardly noticable inside the cockpit compared to X-Plane.
      • There could be a bit more rumbling on the ground and maybe some kind of head-shake effect.

    I'll keep this list updated...

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