Fix Landing/Taxi Lights?

  • Re: Landing/Taxi Lights.

    Developers… I had the runway & ground illuminated on previous mobile versions but that’s no longer the case on version 2023 with my iPhone 7. Did something change? I know my phone is older but I figured the function would be grandfathered in? Do others have this same problem?

    Thank you. :/


  • Oh yeah, it worked until their last update. The genius developers at iPACS decided that older apple devices and by older I mean a couple years old can’t handle that type of lighting. They’re supposed to fix it in the next update whenever that per the conversation I’ve had with them. I have a six generation iPad and with all those lights working prior to the last update I was running about 60 frames a second. Hopefully they’ll fix it like they said they’re going to.

  • The last time I spoke with the devs they said that it should be fixed for most Apple devices when they do the next update however they did not say when that update would be. Hopefully it'll be soon. Very hard to land at night when you can't see the runway.