• Hello dear community,

    I’ve been playing Aerofly fs for about 2-3 years I’ve always enjoyed the game and how much detail was put into it, but lately I was disappointed at how often Aerofly Global crashes, I have a IPad 8 and I already changed multiple settings so the game runs better but every time I fly over large cities the game crashes!:cursing: I am very disappointed, I tried everything:!: I put traffic to 0 I checked my storage space. Everything!

    Please help.

  • Your iPad 8’s S.O.C. was first used in an iPad in March 2019’s Ipad Air 3rd gen’ which is coming close to five years ago. The RAM is 3 GB. You might need to select more appropriate graphics quality and pixel density if you have those options or avoid the densest scenery with the most complex planes and very demanding time and weather. Perhaps you could try a couple each of the lower options and see how it goes, increasing gradually if it is stable?
    It is unpleasant when our devices get old but with adjustment they can still be very effective, I have a 2016 Google Pixel C running FS2023 and can get 100% pixel density with everything else turned right down and it still looks really good at 1,800 pixels vertically. It runs FS2022 on 90%, the newer version runs better.