• is there anyway that i can set thrust limits for A320 in FMC just like i do in boeing For taking off and Climb thrust limits. I am new to Airbus so dont know much about its FMC


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  • The takeoff thrust is adjusted with the flexible takeoff temperature (FLEX TEMP) in the MCDU takeoff performance page.

    For takeoff the pilot then moves the thrust levers into the FLX detent on the thrust levers.

    Once the thrust reduction altitude is reached the pilots pull the thrust levers back to the CLB detent to select the climb rating. The thrust levers then remain in this position until 20ft above ground during landing at which point they are reduced to idle.

    For go-around or when no FLX TEMP has been set the TO/GA detent is used.

    There are no manual selections for derated climb thrust and only the FLEX TEMP option for takeoff in the A320.