Outside air Temperature

  • How do we output the air temp for use within the Dynamics Section. :/

    Trying to activate a bunch of anti-ice dynamics that rely on the air temp being below zero.

    I have this already in the dynamics. I note this is used for graphics input's for MFD type but nothing found for dynamics use.


  • Thankyou Master, I have indeed used it now to ensure my anti-ice systems only work in Icing conditions.

    Follow up question regarding annunciators. I need to have a single annunciator flash and remain steady from 2 different inputs, ie Engine Fire (steady) and Turbine overheat (flash). I can do one or the other but not both. Is it possible? Also

    Are there any plans for the sim to have random failures? I could hard code an Engine failure using an Integral and height for example but it would be anything but random, fun though it may be.

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    For the flashing lights: You can take a look at the Q400 caution and advisory system (master_warning_system) and Learjet 45. The CAS messages have a flash duration property which can be used for this exact purpose. All you need to do is add a logic_or for the input. This is the best solution if your aircraft has a master caution or master warning button the illuminates when any new caution/warning comes up.

    Alternatively you can use the logic_confirm_delay and flasher_rectangle classes: