Online flight

  • Hi aerofly team and thx once again for the amazing game!
    I have aerofly and infinite flight and the infinite team have promised the launch of a new online flight mode for their game, and I think that something like that would be even better if it was available on aerofly! Basicly their plan is to have an online mode where players are allowed to fly certain planes, and fly in certain areas depending on their skill level. Players gain or lose skill level by making quality landings, flying in harsh conditions, respecting other pilots in the aerospace, and by not crashing. The online mode will be almost the same as the normal mode, but obviously there will be online players to interact with, and there will be a more realistic atmosphere, as to land, you will have to make sure the runway is clear and you don't crash into any other planes as you fly around. Please consider this, and I know you have a lot of things to do at the moment with aerofly, but maybe in the future?
    Thx once again,

  • Hi Tristan,
    Online Flight is not planned for one of the upcoming updates. aerofly FS has a fairly complex flight model and this would result in lots of network traffic. We have to optimize this first.

    Another issue are the complex models. On iOS one aircraft is ok for the performance, but adding a second aircraft would hit a limit on the iOS devices.

  • I am not overly concerned about multiplayer right now as that will available on IF. I am much more looking forward to increased functionality (engine on, carb heat, prop, mixture etc) and a vor and ILS system that works using the cockpit instruments and requires freq changes like on xplane. I would also really like to see airspace added to the map and a feature that means if you are not tuned into the ATC freq for that airspace then you cannot enter or you get warnings. This would make the flying much more challenging and enjoyable and not just flying from airport to airport. It would increase the requirement for flight planning and correct altitude selection.

    Finally well done on the aircraft in development. In a future update poss next year it would be great to see a classic passenger aircraft such as the an-2, dragon rapide, anson, DC-2/3, dh dove, ju52 etc as this is some that is lacking on all mobile flight sims.

    Keep up to good work and looking forward to the next update.

  • I agree with4535 if can be online stuff but this is for the pros not to mention detail I'm looking forward to the updates ground crew new scenery act and ai aircraft tho I'm not impatient but anxious I'm curious as to how long it is till the next update but other then that there doing there best I'm grateful to them for putting there time into this thanks team aero fly :)