• I have tried a lot of sims and was searching for a good one until I found AeroflyFS for my ipad. I love it. Just wanted to congrat the developing team, also will post what I like and what I would like to see in future updates.

    My background: I have been using computer flight sims since 1995 (MSF 95, MFS 2K, Fly!, Fly!2k, X-plane, etc) I have always been searching for a very realistic sim. So basically I prefer panels over scenery. I am currently a Private Pilot student.

    What I like about Aerofly:
    1. I usually fly a Cessna 152 and few 172s. The sim is very close to the real thing. I like the panel and exterior images. What I noticed is that it stalls too early. I think that maybe at around 50 kts it starts to stall in the sim, in real live I have been at 35-40 kts without stalls.
    2. I love the scenes
    3. Runways in real life looks wider than in the sim in my opinion.

    What I would like to see in a future update:
    1. More countries
    2. ATC in the background
    3. More panel functions (GPS, radios)
    4. More aircrafts
    5. VOR/GPS maps for flight plans

  • Hello,

    thank you for sharing your opinion about this sim! :)

    To your 172 stall speed notice:
    The AeroflyFS Cessna 172 was initially set up fully loaded (4 persons and full fuel tanks). After one of the patches the weight got reduced to fit the normal climb performance better. Maybe it stil is heavier than your real C172 which makes it stall quicker.

    Another possible explaination is the calibration of the airspeed in your real C172. The simulated pitot tube does not simulate the airflow effects of the nearby wing. As the angle of attack increases the pitot tube messures less accurate. This effect is even bigger mear a wing because the wing affects the airflow in front of it aswell and redirects the air in an even higher angle in relation to the pitot tube. That results in a falty messurment of the airpressure which the airspeed indicator relies on.

    In short: The real pitot tube suffers effects that are not simulated.

    It is possible to fake such an effect in the AeroflyFS. You could reduce the messured airspeed as a function of the angle of attack and the yaw angle. It means extra work and a proper calibration messurement in the real aircraft which is also expensive. And on top of that: Not every C172 may have the same airspeed indicator. Some airspeed indicators may be show another calibrated airpseed (CAS) than others.
    The saver way is to let the simulation aircraft stall earlier but with the same angle of attack.

    I can't say this enough: Its not the speed that creates the stall its the angle of attack!
    Technically you could fly mostly by an AOA indicator. It would be much safer than a airspeed indicator. (Speedstalls, CAS, TAS, etc...)

    Many good flights,



  • Jan, thanks for the info. You are right about speed readings with changes in its angle of attack, but I thought that the sim would behave the same.

    Here's a screenshot comparing AeroflyFS with another sim for ipad with the same aircraft.

  • Hi drftorres! Welcome to the forum. That comparison is interesting as I also have had infinite flight before I got to aerofly, but have never compared cockpit graphics. Aerofly is much better! I went round searching for a good sim for ipad for a while and found aerofly quite early, but since it is 2.5gb, I dismissed it as too big for my 16gb ipad. I found infinte, and was attracted by the long list of aircraft and locations, and was happy with it for a while, but I kept coming back to look at aerofly and eventually I got it. It is so much better than all the others though! The physics and graphics are amazing, but mostly, I love the community around it (like this forum). I think that aerofly and infinite are probably the best sims on the App Store, but aerofly is by far the best.