• IPACS, Please please, get rid of the in cockpit multi-element zoom lens thats shows up every time when facing/flying directly into the sun, it is really distracting as PIC (Pilot In Command)

    It is nice spotting airplanes at the side of runways and see the effect of multi-element zoom lens, but in the cockpit it is distracting and not realistic at all !!! Please take this seriously and delete this bij default just by only in the cockpit.

    Better squeeze the screen some what as we do so with the eyes looking directly into the sun... add some very whitish (yellow red glow caus the blood is fltered by our eyes...) so the gauges are a bit harder to see at that particular moment.

    Further more, this sim gives me a PIC feel alike so much!!! can not wait when you add Florida, The Netherlands, Saint martin, Europe, Saint-Barthélemy . in the future...

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  • I never understood the sense in trying to mimic a multi-element zoom lens with poor coating. A simulator should simulate us actual humans being there in the cockpit. The wet optical surfaces inside the eye do not produce this nonsense so it is a relic of an old in your face game show attitude like the utterly hateful and moronic achievement awards that still poison iOS FS unless one remembers to turn it off each and every time one starts FS. It will be a sign of maturity and flight simulator seriousness when it goes.

  • I removed the files as Jan described and it transformed FS 2. It was really easy and the removed files are in a back up folder if I ever want to have that ugly effect back again. Does a simple cut and paste operation need an additional menu item? The visual effects at sunrise and sunset are now a pleasure, thanks again Jan.

  • It does need a menu option because next time the game updates steam will move those files back and you'll have to dig around and move them again. And there are a lot of people out there who don't want or know how to dig around in game files.

    In the VR options there is already an option to turn the sun flare off but it turns it off completely not just the rings, everything! It would be good to have this as an intermediate step.

    AFFS2 Needs Multiplayer - Please make it happen!

  • Ok thanks but it should by default not in the cockpit at all. I like to watch other PIC's on Youtube too and they're have this problem also...

    I like the lens flares.

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  • Thanks for this (apparently unsupported but) great tip! I am currently doing a flight at dawn with the Q400 and I am heading east for almost an 45 minutes. After 15 minutes of having that flare straight in my non-existing lense I decided to look for a solution, found this topic, removed the files, restarted AFS2 (ended up with a wrong state but that's another story 8o) and the view outside was awesome now! :) This is one good looking sim!!!


    Talking about one good looking sim... Seeing how the light falls on the top of the panel, specially during turns, is quite something! The bumpmapping looks totally awesome! The shadows at insane make things look even better all over! Starting a flight just before the sun is up and then landing when the sky has become blue in the meantime results in a beautiful flight with very scenic views!!! And all that without any popup or texture loading... Yes, this seriously is a good looking sim!

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