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  • I'm sure that you are doing your best. All I can do is report what I see. i went from near perfection to having graphics anomalies and stuttering in city scenery. Obviously I don't know where the root of the problem is.

    I don't think there is any need for me to comment further unless you have a request for me to test something out, or unless I discover something that I think might be helpful to you.

  • Just to add my experience since the last update, my cultication buildings flash like crazy in VR but only when looking from certain angles. Also i'm regularly getting an hour glass freeze which last for about 3 seconds. I've been doing short flights of 10 mins or so to test some things and each time i get a freeze.

  • I said I would not post unless I needed to, but while I am not getting an "hourglass freeze", I have been getting a similar "play area boundary flash" which lasts less than a second. It is unrelated to my position within the play area.

    I didn't want to mention it unless someone else mentioned something similar. They already have enough on their plate.

  • I had this problem after I downloaded the Colorado scenery bad shimmering and antialiasing and some stuttering which I reported in a previous thread I also had my fps drop down to 45 fps in vr but did not mention in that post the drop in fps was over the Denver area, tonight I started a flight and flew around San Francisco fps 90 changed position to Denver fps drop to 45 restarted flight in 2d over Denver fps 150 changed back to San Francisco area 2d fps 394 so looks as though it is something to do with the Denver area as I get a big frame drop in 2d and vr also not getting bad shimmering and antialiasing out with the Denver area tried ss at 1 but no difference my system I7 7700 @4.6ghz 16g ram and a gtx1080.


  • some more testing this problem not just Denver I tried new York same issues if I turn the render scale down to 1 then I get 90 fps but still looks terrible when I first installed afs I used render scale at 2 90 fps and the scenery was amazing no shimmering my system ran afs nice and smooth don't know what has changed but wont be using vr mode again until its fixed no problems in 2d still get high fps and scenery looks great.


  • Thanks everyone for your reports here. As I said, we will continue to look into this, but our suspicion is that something changed with Oculus. I'm going to close this thread while we look more into this.

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