ModelConverterX support for AeroFly

  • Hi,

    In the GUI MCX will use the character that is specified in Windows for the decimal character. But I have now changed how the TSC file is written, there I always use the dot now. Before that was dependent on the Windows setting as well and that is not correct. So I hope that will fix the issue. I'll push a new development release later tonight with the fix.

  • arnog , Rodeo ,

    Any chance if either of you know if there is something to this issue I posted a bit back in the thread?

    While I'm truly mind blown by both scenProc and MCX, and while I had some success with the latter, I seem to get this one issue, If one of the supporting textures from e.g. a sketchup model contains a filename with capitals, the content converter (not MCX) seems to reject it. E.g. in the example below there is a file called rialto_rialto_Concrete_etc.bmp , but the converter seems to pick up that it is with a small 'C', and asking for a file with capitals in it. If I have models with all smalls, there is now issue. I'm don't know if there is an issue with the content_converter, or if I could suggest an enhancement to MCX where it converts files to small? or maybe something I'm not doing right?


  • arnog , Rodeo ,

    Any chance if either of you know if there is something to this issue I posted a bit back in the thread?

    I had some issues with that before as well. When exporting as TSC file I made sure everything becomes lower case to prevent such issues.

    Are you exporting as TGI or TSC?

    It's a bit annoying that the Content Converter seems to be case sensitive in this case, while for example COLLADA is not.

  • Hi Arno,

    I installed your amazing software ModelConverterX (last dev version) since I read somewhere that it supports importation of .bgl and co and exportation into .tsc and .tgi

    I tried, I have no error message but no file are written (no tgi, no tsc)

    I noticed that on the log the last line is not present : "finished writing of file ... .tsc" but it's present in the event log window

    I checked the target directory for the .tsc and the temp directory for the .tgi, but nothing is written

    Could you help me ?



  • Hi Arnog,

    I saw that during the process .tgi file are well written in the temp directory "C:\Users\jpdumont\AppData\Local\Temp\\ModelConverterX\AF2\" just before to be removed at the end of the process. So it seems that the problem is only the written of the .tsc file.



  • Hi Jean-Pierre,

    It is unfortunately not so easy.

    There are various BGL files to make a scenery in FS. The one you try to extract is a library of objects, without placement. Thus you cannot just convert it into a scenery for AFS2, there's no information where objects are to by placed.

    Placements are compiled in separate BGL files that just call the objects from the library like we place XREF objects in AFS2.

    For instance, among many objects in the library, you have a blue taxi light, and the placement file places copies of this taxi light all along taxiways.

    So, to make it short, it will be:

    1. you'll need to extract each object from the library and convert it to AFS2 specific format, with _color, _light, lowercase texture naming and alpha layer workaround.

    2. you'll need to extract placement files to find out where each object is to be placed in the scenery

    The next issue you'll face is the GUID.

    Objects of FS libraries are not identified by their name, but by their GUID, that looks like {9cbe248e-8965-4647-870a-9c48c8903f39}

    In other words, the placement file tells you GUID {9cbe248e-8965-4647-870a-9c48c8903f39} is placed at some coordinates and then you have to search in which library you have an object with that GUID...

    It is feasible, but it's not just opening the BGL in MCX et clicking export...

    Last but not least, you're trying to convert a copyrighted product that's soon to be officially released for AFS2, a little bit of patience and it will finally come...



    Config : i7 6900K - 20MB currently set at 3.20GHz, Cooling Noctua NH-U14S, Motherboard ASUS Rampage V Extreme U3.1, RAM HyperX Savage Black Edition 16GB DDR4 3000 MHz, Graphic Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 8GB, Power supply Corsair RM Series 850W, Windows 10 64 bit.

  • Hi Trepassers,

    Thanks for your answer,

    What about transforming the scenery to xplane format before via fs2xplane. I looked at the DSF in text, it looks good.

    the scenery looks not so bad in WED.

    PS : where did you catch this information about France VFR sceneries availability, have you got more details ?


  • Have you setup the location where the AeroFly tools are installed correctly in the options?

    Hi Arnog,

    Sorry I did'nt saw that you answered me, here is the screenshot of my config :

    I tried this evenig with a first convertion into DSF before with FS2XPlane. A lot of TGI are proceeded in temp but at the end, I have a messagebox from aerofly tool :

    Does ModelconverterX generate the needed .tmc somewhere before launching aerofly fs2 content converter ?

    Your help is welcome ;)

  • Hi,

    I noticed a loose of precision in the coordinnate generated by MCX when I convert an xplane scenery into an FS2 scenery

    Example :

    LatLon (48.808960861, 2.071385519) from the xplane dsf becomes LonLat(2.071441, 48.809026) inside the tsc file. Does MCX use float instead double somewhere that could explain that ?

    Can we avoid that in MCX ?

    We can see this offset in MCX:Object placement window :

    If I correct by hand scenery display become good into AFS2, but it's very looooooong todo by hand ;-p

    Thanks in advance,