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    Example of using the coordinates of the dev camera position to change the tower position using the text editor. You have to deduct about 10 units off the alt to get a correct height. Bit of a pain in the neck to restart the program just so that you can change the camera position. You should be able to run the dev camera without fs 2 going into pause state.

  • It was great to get a little more camera movement with the release of the Developer Camera.

    But it remains a scenery tool.

    For great screenshots and videos, we need what DBS Walk and Follow offered in MSFS.

    This from their blurb:

    DBS Walk And Follow FSX features:

    Follow mode: in this mode camera can be attached to the user aircraft (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)

    Walk mode: free camera movement mode without limits of distance or altitude.

    Variable camera movement speed (slow, normal and fast)

    Unlimited amount of custom viewpoints (POI) for Walk mode, that can be stored to external file for exchange

    Integrated simulator cameras from aircraft.cfg (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)

    Three dimensions camera movement (cursor key and mouse movement used)

    Two modes of mouse movement (with Space key or with middle mouse button)

    Zoom mode

    Surface control mode (for prevent to fall through ground surface)

    Info String

    IPACS has no doubt read the other posts like this over time, and will implement something (or not) as they can fit in their development schedule.

    I will say this:

    Aerofly FS2 has a long way to go before it will be accepted as a mature sim.

    But it has this going for it: the way it looks, and the smoothness of it all. Beats anything out there.

    The best way to get this news out to the community is to have a camera tool to allow users to make those great screenshots and videos.

  • Not for me.... anything that would slow down the sim is out of the question, I have them all in P3D V4 and they don't help a bit, blame it on my rig maybe.

    So you don't want weather, ATC, traffic...? ;) Obviously I also don't want addons that slow down AFS2. What I meant is that I'd love to see the functionality they bring to AFS2!

    In the end EVERYTHING you add to the sim will slow it down: big difference with other sims is that AFS2 has so much performance headroom that it won't slow things down as in other sims. DLC like New York and Florida already slows the sim down considerably but you don't really notice it. And whenever IPACS releases ATC it will also have an impact on performance. If ActiveSky, ProATC, Ultimate Traffic Live, SkyForce etc. would be released for AFS2 they would also slow the sim down but not down to P3D performance levels. (Some of them don't slow any sim down btw.)

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  • Has anyone else lost the "S" and "W" forward and back motion keys in aircraft lock mode??

    Mine works in free roaming mode only at present.

    Just checked. If you are referring to pressing "L" button in dev cam, then yes pressing W and S does not work. Only in free roam. However I wasn't aware it worked before.