rift or odyssey

  • Hi, I have the possibility to aquire an Odyssey headset for an acceptable amount, but since it's not regularly sold in Europe - i'm a bit careful about that. Or i can get a Rift CV1 to replace my DK2. What would you recommend for Aerofly, since that's all I do with Vr?

  • I have the Vive Pro which uses the same display panels as the Odyssey. I used to fly with the regular Vive which has the same pixel count displays as the Rift though different manufacturer and different field of view.

    Without a doubt I prefer the Vive Pro. The extra resolution makes a very big difference in gauge/dial readability and makes the experience much more immersive. Everything just looks great.

    I haven’t tried the Odyssey but in general reviews are good. They use inside-out tracking and in some rooms/lighting conditions can be an issue. You probably can hang some fiducial markers to help that if it is an issue, though.

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  • I have the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset and it works flawlessly with AFS 2. If I had the chance to get an Odyssey in the UK at a reasonable price I'd jump at it. Inside out tracking is not really an issue for a seated game except when the controllers are out of the field of view (unlikely in this case).

  • Night time flying with the Odyssey is horrible for me. Smudgy delayed black shadows. The day time is great. Anyone else? My phone cant capture through AF2 but I have an example from a different game. https://imgur.com/a/3r702

    Yeah, it seems Samsung doesn’t drive their own panels properly. I don’t see those effects in the Pro. I don’t know what HTC does to drive the panels in the Pro but it’s notable in that the issues just aren’t there. Always really high quality visuals. But you pay for it.

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