Seperate sensitivity for aileron and elevator?

  • I don't know if this has been asked before but do you think it would be possible in the future to set a different sensitivity for the aileron and elevator? I always find the elevator to be a lot more sensitive in comparison to the aileron. Specially during landings. I have sensitivity set all the way left (low) and this works great for the aileron but I still struggle with the elevator during landings: it does depend on the plane a bit but sometimes it's almost impossible to make small adjustments. Even the slightest move may throw you up or down. (What doesn't help here is that I only fly the Duchess now and that one is a ***** to fly manually in its current state. ;) )

  • Have anyone of you ever felt the joysticks sensitivity in Aerofly is too high? Even after I tune the sensitivity to lowest it still use very uncomfortable. The planes react too much.

    My point exactly, at least when it comes to the elevator.

  • My Saitek XP Pro elevator trim setting seems to always be too much between clicks. Smaller increments would be appreciated.


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