Cessna 172 on the Hornet?

  • I can land the default 172 on the Hornet but as soon as the nose wheel touches the deck the plane jumps up to about 5,000'. I have full flaps, airspeed of +/-65Kts and VSI of -100 fpm which should enable me to stop on the deck but as I say, I don't seem to stay there.

    I have landed on the Cape Canaveral runway in roughly similar conditions and stayed there so I would expect to be OK on the Hornet. Are there springs in the Hornet's deck which bounce me up to 5,000'?

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    If the model of the carrier deck has a double sided face it can cause issues with "which side is up?" The wheel then wants to stay above the surface and thinks it's far in the ground, causing a lot of force to be applied, thus shooting you into the air.

    This is probably the reason why one carrier model works and the other doesn't.

  • Jan, I don't understand this. Is there another carrier model? I would like to see it, I thought the Hornet was the only carrier in AeroFly.

    The Apollo scenery is very impressive and worth a look.

    I have posted a comment on the path to install the add-on in "F/A 18 Hornet Manual?"

    "I recognise Sylvain Parouty's and Javier Fernandez's names from FSX add-ons.

    For info, I followed your install path “C:\Users\InsertYourUserName\Documents\Aerofly FS2” and nothing happened, just empty sea, I then tried C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery and now have fantastic scenery and an aircraft carrier; it's a bit slow to load but so what. The arrow in the Information strip is really useful, now I can try "bolters".

    I cannot understand why, if the deck is not "landable", the carrier is in the scenery. Why go to the bother of writing and including the code of something which doesn't work?

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  • I have tried to land using a newly downloaded file. Still cannot land. I have noticed that in the screen shots you have shown the Hornet is shown as an airport / runway. In my "Starting Location" map the Hornet is shown as a helipad. Is this significant?

    I have tried to make a screen grab of the location screen but have not been able to do so.

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  • According to TomSimMuc post (#4) the Location page shows the Hornet as a runway. But according to my Location page the Hornet is a heliport. The height of the Cessna is +/- 5,000' which probably explains why it jumps up to 5,000' when the nose wheel touches the deck.

    I have deleted the original download file and downloaded a new copy but with the same "bouncing" effect. How can I make my Cessna stay on the Hornet's deck, please?

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  • Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your reply. I have made a manual search of C\Documents, all I could find was a folder Hornet-Heli. I have copied this as Hornet-Heli01

    I then searched using Hornet* This is Hornet-Heli02

    I could not find a Hornet file anywhere.

    I have AeroFly on my X drive so I have searched both X\AeroFly FS2 and X\AeroFly FS2 Flying Simulator AddOns but there was nothing there.



  • Thank you for doing this.

    I am still seeing a heliport symbol in Locations

    However, I don't seem to be bounced up to 5,000' as before so it looks as if you have sorted the problem out. The trouble is I am not that a good a pilot so I am having to learn how to land safely. All I have to do now is practice. In reality, before an Aviator is allowed to fly out to "The Boat" he must complete +/- 1,000 Field Carrier Landing Practice landings at NAS El Centro or NAS Oceana.

    But if you want proof that a hook is not obligatory have a look at "Look Ma, No Hook" https://theaviationist.com/2014/07/16/c-130-land-on-carrier/

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