Almost April: Any chance of an update

  • I understand loyalty, and love Aerofly, but a new standard about to be set.

    I have seen now all videos - but not ONE and ONLY word about VR! VR! VR! VR!

    The payment? Monthly? Forget it!

    This i do maybe one or two months - and than i go back to FS2 and the next treasure hunt! 8o

    3,9 Ghz, RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB RAM, Oculus Rift CV1, PIMAX 8K X, RotoVR, HOTAS and Flight Rudder Pedals, Win10, 3ds max

  • Desarrolladores.. Porfavor pongan el boeing 737-800 es un avión hermoso con ese avión van a tener más usuarios jugando en las plataformas de pc y móvil.. Es el avión más jugado en simuladores.. Porfavor una actualización para poder realizar cool and dark en todos los aviones.. Pushback.. Mas regiones para la versión de android nos encantaría volar en miami nueva York Suiza everest porfavor aunque nos cueste pagar por las regiones y futuros aviones los usuarios de android con gusto los pagamos ya que amamos aerofly2020 son el mejor simulador de mobiles saludos

  • Eduardo Navarro The b737-800 was already requested, as well as pushback.

    By the way, they’re already working on shutting down the turbofan engines.(A320 Turbo-Fan Engines Finally Off)

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    You asked for things to be released for Android ( mobile version), this is a thread in the section for PC related questions.

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  • MSFS will never never never never running in VR with a Performance like FS2!

    And ALL what you have seen from MSF 2020 is a little little Video part!!!! Nothing else!

    Maybe, this little area has MS finalized - but the complete world? NEVER in 10 years!

    You have no idea how wrong you are about this. Some people have seen MORE THAN A LITTLE VIDEO. Also some of us are early adopters of another sim that is updating their VR to near AFS2 level of beauty and detail because they switched to Vulcan, and this is with early betas. AND this will with a full populated world with traffic, etc etc.

    Do you think IPACS will maintain the smooth VR performance when they add ATC, when they add more maps, when they add air traffic, add ship traffic, add cars, airport traffic. NO they won't. How much it goes down remains to be seen but it will go down.

  • Mustang60348 Microsoft said, that you have to use the azure cloud for streaming the scenery, otherwise you have to own a PC with 2 petabytes of memory.

    That's doesn't mean they are going to charge you a month fee to play the game. e.g. When you download patches for AFS2, IPACS doesn't charge you a month fee.

    Your response seems to say that you will need an azure account, that simply is not true, THEY are using azure to stream the data.

  • It's really simple.

    The "monthly fee" thing comes from the (confirmed) fact that MSFT FS 2020 will be included in Microsoft's "Game Pass", which is a gaming subscription service that includes 100+ games for a single monthly flat fee (currently for a reduced price of 4.99 USD/month for the "PC only" plan, later probably 9.99 USD/month). And FS 2020 will be one of the games included in that game selection.

    That said, it looks like FS 2020 will be sold separately (outside of Game Pass) as well, but MSFT hasn't announced yet in which stores (e. g. Microsoft Store, Steam, etc).

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  • Do you think IPACS will maintain the smooth VR performance when they add ATC, when they add more maps, when they add air traffic, add ship traffic, add cars, airport traffic.

    Just to clear this up because it is a common misbelief: Adding more features won't affect the graphics performance by much. Moving traffic can be optimized to have close to zero impact. We have access to multiple CPU cores and we can make sure that even if traffic or weather computation was grinding to a halt that the physics simulation and graphics continue to run just fine. This is what we mean by "doing things right".

    Clouds and weather rendering have an impact on the frame rate but since we're going to be doing our own implementation, when we do add it, it could actually increase the framerate than with what we have today. We always have our mobile version in mind. And if we can make all this run in mobile it is safe to say that it will easily run on PC or in VR.

    So to answer your question: Yes.