My top three (3) wishes for the game!

  • Hi Pilots!

    I already have an absolute blast when it comes to experience Aerofly FS 4 in VR. But the below three (3) features would be the cherry on the cake for me:

    - VATSIM support
    Would love to have some interaction with ATC. I guess developing a whole ATC feature is more difficult than to make it work with VATSIM

    - Ingame checklist that you can hold.

    In the game Tin Can for VR you can hold a manual. With the joystick - when holding the manual / checklist - you can change pages. I always struggle a bit to get the webbrowser in the VR world.

    - Coop

    I know this is probably too far-fetched. But to learn how to operate a plane in VR with a buddy. Or make long flights and socialize with someone that lives on the other side of the world would be fantastic and would make this game absolutely unique compared to others.

    What top three (3) would you like to see implemented in the game? (If everything was possible!)

  • Sorry for hyjacking your thread, but allow me to add:

    .) Something that has been asked since AEFS1 - a Perpetual Calendar, and proper Sun / Moon ephmeris;

    .) Additional weather parameters, preferably some sort of "online weather". There should at least be possible to set Temperature. Ideally we should have

    - T and Td

    - Pressure ( at least QNH )

    - Wind at various levels

    - Clouds of various types and amount of coverage expressed in the real scale used in METEO ( CAVOK, FEW, SCT, BRK, OVC )

    - Precipitation

    .) ATC robot, even if a basic one like in MFS 2020, able to interact not only with one's aircraft but also with the AI.

    .) Airport services, at least pushback :)

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  • My three one:

    - Full System Implementation Extra330 inklusive smokesystem

    - replay saveable and loadable

    - second window to display tower view on a second monitor

    Wish for Aerofly FS 2/4:

    - Flightpath recording on hard drive and replay in sim from different view points

    - Smoke for aerobatic planes

    - Multiplayer or at least watching other people flying sitting on ground or inside tower