Sound issues

  • Hello guys,

    I have a bug with the Aerofly FS 4 sound effects. BTW I have it since the AF FS 2 using different PCs and soundcards.
    When I start the flight, everything is fine with the sound effects. But, if I move the aircraft using the map to practice an approach for example, I've noted that some cockpit sounds are losted, as it was not loaded.
    It also happens in the replay. For example, after perform a RNAV approach with the Airbus A320, the AP off sound works, but not on replay.

    If I load another aircraft and then come back to previous plane, the sound effects will be load again.

    Is there a metter of sound configurations on Windows?

    Talking about sound effects, would be nice if we could have some cockpit sound effects simulating the noises of internal parts shaking during take-off and landing runs.

    Thank you very much!

  • A320 for sure maybe others, but it also happens with iOS Aerofly FS 2019 to 2022 (maybe 2023) and macOS Aerofly FS 4. On Mac, the problem is masked by the fact that when you quit Aerofly you close it. On iOS, quitting does not close the application, so when you’re back you relocate the plane from a previous session and some cockpit sounds vanish. When I was a big user of Aerofly mobile I used to quit Aerofly by force after each session.

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  • Is it only on the A320 or all aircraft?

    I don't know if all, but usually I fly the 747 and 777 and have noted it.

    After some clicks in the altitude selector on AP it comes back for example, same for the landing lights.

    Seems to me something related to the sound load.

    If I do the entire flight without replay or exit (esc) everything is fine.

  • I often have sound missing when FS4 is loaded up (a fresh FS4 start) in Win 10 coming out of sleep mode. If I adjust sound levels on my keyboard or in the sound program and/or vigorously move the throttles and/or switch to an outside view, the sound comes back on again.

    It is a minor glitch and possibly will go away with a windows update?

    All is OK with a computer fresh boot.