Aerofly Dev--> please help me

  • Is there way to improve the use of the virtual controller hands in VR?

    - rudder, ailerons & elevator are too sensitive when using the hands, can it be turned down?

    - Is there a way to fix or improve the janky-ness or lack of consistency and reliability when using the VR hand controls?

    i.e. grabbing twin prop throttles in Baron for example, you cannot always get them to move together evenly...they will start to move together at same rate but then all of a sudden near halfway point one of them will move more or less than the other and you end up with a wildly uneven thrust issue that is not easily fixed when busy during take-off and landings...this is irritating to no end and it also happens with the prop levers as well. In fact sometimes you'll grab props but it ends up moving the throttle's a bit of a janky mess, no?

    - It can also be VERY difficult to operate the gear handle using VR hands and grabbing several other things in-cockpit using hands. You will often place your hand on a rotary knob, for example, but it ends up grabbing the knob next to it.

    - Oh! also, ATIS is not working for 126.65 KFRG (does your sim have atis?)

    By the way...I have no issue using the hands in VTOL VR because those hands are quite reliably consistent for me. They even allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the VR joystick so there's no sensitivity issue. Is this possible to do in FSaero?

    let me know if there's something I may be able to do to improve this issue for myself, or if this is just something that the developer has not yet been able to lock down 100% yet.

    I just purchased yesterday on Steam and may just ask for a refund if I end up needing to fly it with external controls in VR. That was the reason for my purchase.

    Please advise when able, and thanks very much, in advance, for the help!

  • I have sometimes the same issues.

    For twin (and more) engine throttles i found a workaround that works mostly.

    I align the knuckles of the blue VR Hand with the two (or more) throttle levers and only grab them with the controler side button, not even with the index finger (Trigger button).

    With a little patience you will find a well working position and the levers will move simultaneously.

    If this don't work for you, you can also adjust the throttle with the thumbstick on the left VR controller (of course that is not that immersive), in this case all throttle levers are connected. Thumbstick forward increases, backward decreases throttle, if the throttle is full back then thumbstick back operates the wheelbrakes.

    With the left Controller thumbstick you also can operate the rudder (taxi and align to runway, if you don't use extra rudderpedals)

    I know VTOL VR but the cockpits there are specially made for VR usability.

    In a simulation of real existing Planes probably some compromises have to be made, especially in narrow cockpits.

    By the way, in the Baron i had my struggles too. ;)

    As a suggestion for IPACS: For VR it's maybe better to let move the throttles always together and avoid adjusting them individually. Maybe as an switchable option?!

    Kind regards :)

  • As a suggestion for IPACS: For VR it's maybe better to let move the throttles always together and avoid adjusting them individually. Maybe as an switchable option?!

    Or they could just make it so that squeezing the side button moves all throttles together, and squeezing just the trigger will move individual throttles?

    How about the extreme sensitivity in yoke & rudder when using the VR hands, is there a known way to make it less?

  • How about the extreme sensitivity in yoke & rudder when using the VR hands, is there a known way to make it less?

    No i think there aren't any sensitivity adjustments for VR in Aerofly, only for Controllers and Joysticks.

    But maybe the the planes are just as sensitive in reality, but in the real plane you have real yokes and flightsticks where your hands can rest on.

    In VR you have to hold your hands in front of you without any support, maybe that is the reason it seems to be so sensitive.

    In VTOL VR the planes are fiction and there it's no problem to adjust senstivity because there exists no real plane that have to be copied and you can adjust the placement of the flightstick for an optimal arm rest position. For a real plane simulator that obviousliy doesn't work, the sticks have to be there where they placed in the real plane.


  • Thanks for the insights...

    I think that perhaps there's no real good solution for VR, as of yet, as it applies to simulators.

    I was a licensed Private pilot for 9 years, an FAA licensed Flight Dispatcher trained out of KLGA in New York and I have spent decades using flight simulation software including all the usual retail offerings in the genre.

    In regards to VR in this application it becomes very obvious that the VR controls will need more attention and detail to the way that the sensitivity of the VR controls feel in relation to the aircraft's RW counterpart, but the level of animation of the yoke/sticks themselves are not of great importance since simulating the actual throw of a stick or yoke has no bearing on one's training, and perhaps not even to the entertainment value, to a large degree.

    I personally do not need another simulator, currently, but am more interested in a reasonable VR alternative which has some of the simulation aspects that are important to ME. The "feel" of your inputs goes a long way if it reminds you in any way of the real craft that it's emulating...and BECAUSE you're holding onto nothing and there is no friction or feelings or input forces I believe that an adjustable sensitivity of the controlled flight surfaces themselves, such as aileron, elevator, rudder becomes rather crucial for the handling aspects of a craft to be immersive in VR while using the built-in VR hands.

    If the game engine Aerofly is built upon is not capable of this for VR that is a shame, but understandable.

  • Thanks for the insights...

    Oh sorry, that sounds that you think i am one of the developers. It was never my intention to seem like that.:huh:

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I'm just a user, i only wanted to suggest my personal workaround to help, because i had the same issues with the throttle levers.

    And about the sensitivity: I only wanted to share my thoughts what is a possible reason for the VR controls to feel so sensitive.

    Unfortunately i have no experience with real manned aircrafts. I only flown RC planes and helicopters for a few years.

    And that's why i can't evaluate the realism of an flight simulator.

    Best regards :)