Two small bugs

  • Two small bugs that don't seem to have been reported (I hope this is the right place to mention them):

    1. The ILS at San Diego runway 27 doesn't seem to be working. Tried it several times, with the Airbus and 747 but doesn't pick up the G/S and/or LOC. Don't think I'm missing anything!

    2. The Airbus landing gear lever sometimes disappears, when in the UP position. Reappears when you lower the gear.

    Otherwise, thoroughly enjoying what is now my favourite sim (and I've been simming for over 30 years...)!

    UPDATE: As to point 1, does runway 27 have an ILS, as the game suggests?

  • You might enjoy a flight planning app such as SkyVector. I like to have SkyVector open on a iPad tablet during an unfamiliar flight as the map details are identifiable in the Aerofly scenery. You can do a flight plan in SkyVector as an alternative to using the Aero navigation function and it allows a more immersive navigation experience checking from map to window view. It does not work so well in android devices but it could be run on the PC.
    Clicking on an airport brings up multi-level information on US airports. Here it shows that San Diego runway 27 is a localiser only approach with the option to use a modern high tech GPS approach alternative.

    Manual nav-aids have survived in the Aero Learjet and you can select the 27 localiser frequency and run the approach. You select a descent rate for your ground speed and check your height against distance during the approach.
    IPACS have been inhibiting some approaches to force through their rigid navigation and co-pilot functions.

  • Sometimes one airport has the same frequency for multiply ILS approaches. They then only turn on the ILS transmitters for the runways in use. We simulate that, so it could be that your desired ILS is only available if you have the route set-up in the navigation dialog. So if you have the route set up and it sais there should be an ILS available but you don't receive anything then I would consider that a bug. I've experienced missing ILSes but I've also had those issues in FSX when the database didn't fit the custom airport...

    If you find more ILSes like this one in San Diego, please let us know. We'll look into that.
    I've just tested it: I'm receiving a signal and the LOC seems fine but the glide slope is not correct.


  • I got the San Diego 27 localiser to work fine in the Learjet flown manually with manually entered frequencies but it was no good in the 320. The 320 was OK on a flight director guided selected vertical speed (for the localiser only approach) but the nav 1 frequency jumped off the 110.9 localiser for whatever reasons Aero decides.
    With a localiser only approach a flight director will give the vertical guidance set on the autopilot, there is no glideslope to match the localiser.

  • Thanks for those responses. Seems there may/may not be an issue with Aerofly FS2 vs real life! I suspect some may want the sim to be entirely accurate, although for my part I would be happy if the Navigation page just reflects what is in the sim, i.e. whether or not a runway has ILS.

  • There might be some confusion with the frequencies. A full ILS automatically has the published VHF localiser frequency paired to the UHF glide path frequency in the aircraft receiver. A list of frequencies might include ILS and LOC installations and a list of DMEs might list the frequencies as being paired to an ILS even if some are only localiser.