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  • Aerial images will be placed on top of the already existing Aerofly FS 2 elevation model, so yes, no need to worry about making those mountains. The tool pretty much does everything for you except make you dinner :)

    Fantastic! Is the elevation model some kind of vector/contourr? Just wondering whether a detailed .25m resolution scenery might go on top of a much coarser resolution elevation model and if that will loose something.

    Also I see fset includes a manual process for dealing with water. Is that necessary for us to do ?

  • Jeff, is the new tool all inclusive, or do potential users need to d/l this FSET program in advance?

    I'm going to start a new thread about all of this shortly. But to answer your question, there are a couple of independent tools that are used, which you will see and understand when the tool and tutorial is released. It's all fairly easy to achieve success. As for FSET; this is not an IPACS tool. FSET is merely a user made tool that (like many other in-kind tools) makes it easier to capture aerial imagery for flight simulators. Due to the ease of this tool IPACS decided to aim some of the automation towards it in an effort to make it easy for the general user to make and import very nice aerial imagery into FS 2. You can however use any of the other sources for aerial imagery out there. The GeoConvert tool isn't designed to ONLY use FSET, only the process of obtaining the information needed for the import file will need to be different but still achievable, and with the same amazing results.

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  • Thanks, looking forward to getting this. I've d/led the FSET program and in the process of playing with it to get an idea of how this will work.

    One thing I've thought of: it would be great for users to have access to generic buildings, stadiums, etc. to add to their creations. I probably won't have access to a 3d modeling program to make accurate renditions of specific buildings and the like, but would be happy adding generic content that closely resembles actual buildings in their actual locations. Is there any chance we can eventually get a tool that would allow this or does it already exist and I'm just not aware of it yet?

  • The holy grail for me would be to fly over a landscape and not be conscious I was in a flight sim. Looks like we might be getting a step closer to that.

    A bit closer, yes. But without 3D buildings and trees it won't come really close.

  • @drhotwing:

    That's great news about being able to create our own photorealistic scenery using the IPACS tool and various image sources.

    So I just wanted to point out a slightly different approach that doesn't require downloading huge files - namely, streaming the tiles "on the fly".

    That's what this new program called "World Terrain" does. It's a similar process to the old TileProxy program by Christian Buchner.

    World Terrain is under active development. The latest version 3.04 is available for FSX and Prepar3D here:

    and there are videos and screenshots and user feedback on this forum:

    I hope IPACS could consider a similar streaming approach to providing global photorealistic scenery.