Has anyone tried customizing the new Oculus Home (w/ core 2.0) and Dash specific to Aerofly FS2?

  • I have a meeting this afternoon with an Oculus Rep to discus exactly this. I am in Austin for Christmas and the Oculus tech reps are in town and working on Christmas eve. wow. I participated in a VR demo yesterday at the Microsoft Store. They had 5 different VR units in the store but was pushing the Dell Visor model with very basic stuff. The operator said he has never heard of Aerofly FS2.

    It sounds to me like the new Oculus Core 2.0 beta with Dash is a big step in the right direction for using VR with flight sims. I will ask about opening, sizing and moving pdf files while in an active flight. Also how to store and have ready for use things like Approach Plates, Thrust Tables, Tutorial Flight data.

    It sounds like we can have the FSWigets Flight Charts and Flight Plans displayed while in an active flight. Now, that would be a neat way to get started in VR. :/

    Surely the home screen for Aerofly FS2 can be adapted as part of the Oculus Home screen and arranged to take advantage of the Touch controllers. The swipe and touch just seems automatic. :P



  • The Oculus rep didn’t know beans about ver 2.0. All he had was ver 1.0 with a choice of the free games. I viewed some sort of workshop that was run by a little clumsy robot ehen he either handed me a disc or pointed to something for me to pickup. It had bouncing balls, soda cans, machine guns, and lots in between.

    I was very clumsy with the controllers, but time should improve me precision at grasping items.

    I bought the Rift and Dell’s latest Alienware gaming pc. The pc will be delivered in about 10 days. It is centered around the intel 8700K oc to 4.6 with the 1080 Ti 11 GB card. I got the Alienware Pro KB and mouse in case the Rift isnot ready fotpr prime time. 8o



  • Yeah I'm really looking forward to the implementation of some kind for reading charts and approach plates in VR.

    Lifting the headset to glance at the chart is really annoying.



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  • I'm away from my main pc for couple of weeks so not much progress though:(

    My laptop however was good enough to run Fusion 360 so I finished 3D model of my FFB yoke at last8)


    You can hide the "cover" to look under the hood;)


    Very impressive indeed. Thanks for the peek. 8o