How to link a certain view to a certain button ?

  • Hi,

    though searching the forum, I still don't know, how to assign a certain button to a certain view. Or with other words, I don't want to cycle through a lot of views, until I get back to that one, I want (i.e. Pilot eyes). I am used to this way of changing views from a different Flightsimulator.



  • Which views would you like to assign to a specific button?

    With 1 and 2 you can step through the cockpit and cabin views, 3 and 4 for fixed outside cameras and 5 and 6 for external views...

    You can also switch between these three categories and it keeps the last camera that you had selected in that category.

    So if you select the pilot view for the cockpit camera category and the external pan around for the external view category you can switch between them by just switching categories... Or by pressing 2 or 6...

    So in some sense this is already possible but which views do you want to visit often?

  • To be honest, Aerofly should follow an easy system. I love how easy is in X-Plane.

    1.Set the view you want.

    2. Control+Number key and it will save that key to that view.

    3. Press that number key and voilà! It works.

    I hope it can get implemented -after the ATC- :D

    I don't think its a good idea to force users into having to set up their views manually. Of course its great to keep a view where you left of throughout sessions. But the default views should already be set up in a way that satisfies 95% of all users! It should not be required to first manually adjust views or define views for each aircraft and that's why I keep asking which views do you want and how would you like to switch between them?

    Just imagine you want to fly Aerofly on iPad and then you first have to set up the views you want and before you even took off the TV commercial is over and you put it aside. Or imagine you are in VR and don't want to put down the headset.

  • Hi Jan,

    thank you for your immediate reply. What I am looking for, is exactly, what "GameAddict", mentioned before, or at least, when looking around with the "Coolie Hat", to step back with a single key hit, to the default Cockpit view (Pilot eyes).



    And which views would you like assign to your coolie hat? If you move left right up down, what views do you want to see?

  • And which views would you like assign to your coolie hat? If you move left right up down, what views do you want to see?

    Hi Jan,

    The sim comes with already default views. The hat moves the camera view, but it can be assigned to other actions.

    Now, I like to have some views already assigned. Why? Because that way I don't have to cycle among them. I press the key and the camera transitions to that view.

    For instance, that's what I have in the other sim:

    1: Pilot View

    2: Overhead panel

    3: Copilot view

    4. Close view of some panels.

    5. FMC/MCDU

    So if I'm in the pilot view and I want to check some information in the FMC, I just press the 5 (which is assigned to a joystick button) and I'm right there. I don't have to go through the other views, which is what happens now in Aerofly.

    I guess this is probably not a priority for IPACS, but is somethig should be considered in the future, as it's a feature very used in other sims. :)

  • OK and if you are in an outside view does the same button bring you back inside the cockpit or do you have to press another button to switch the category first?

    I imagine it could be quite cool to reuse the buttons 0-9 for a shortcut within a category (like you jumping from pilot view to FMC or to another place in the cockpit) and in the outside view it could represent moving to a new perspective, too. :)

    I would like to use shift 1, shift 2,.... to select a specific category and then use the numbers 0-9 on the number pad to pan through the cockpit, snapping to the view I want. So when I am in cockpit view, from the pilot's perspective I could press "3" or down+right to see the fms. Press "7" or up+left to pan back up.

    And on a hat switch you could do something like: hold left and down to switch category (or press it in if it has that function), then press left/right up/down to navigate through the views in that category.

    Alternatively we could use 0 to 9 to jump directly to a specific view, which would limit us to 10 views per category (unless we implement consecutive button presses or macros or how ever they are called). Then I could press shift+1 to get to the cockpit view category, then press 1 for pilot view for example, 3 for copilot view, 8 for overhead, 5 for autopilot, etc. but we quickly run out of logical ways to assign them, e.g. the direction on the numberpad or on the hat switch might no longer correspond to the direction the head will turn when I select the next view.

  • That's even quite advanced system the one you are talking about :D

    The other sim is limited to 0-9. So in total, you can customise 10 views which for most of the people is plenty. Then you have some plugin to add even more.

    OK and if you are in an outside view does the same button bring you back inside the cockpit or do you have to press another button to switch the category first?

    It doesn't differentiate between categories. You move the camera wherever you want (inside cockpit, outside plane, inside cabin...), set the camera and save the view. The camera will always transition smoothly from one view to the new one selected. -even if there are some transitions where the camera cut through 3d planes-. Doesn't matter and to be honest I don't even notice because far transitions are quite fast. I guess it has something to detect where the current camera is and where the next one is, so it can apply some acceleration.

  • I too would like a single key press to return to cockpit.

    I only cycle by accident.

    Also want to reset rotation and zoom on every camera including cockpit.

    And one more :) Single key, while held, to reverse view from any camera, cockpit or outside, just look the other way. What's the alternative? rotate camera 180, then back! Way too slow to check your six.

    I sometimes wonder if non VR play takes a back seat.

    All this is common to the other unnamed sims that came before, but we like this one.

  • I also would like to have dedicated keys for dedicated views without cycling through a few other views to get there. I probably only use 4 different views 98% of the time.



  • I totally agree to "TomSimMuc". Six views, that can individually be defined, would be fine. With my other Flightsim, I have indeed 6 individual views defined for each aircraft, I am using. Every view is assigned to certain button on my Yoke. So I can easily and quick change views in flight, which is important to me. Additionally I would like to mention that VR is no option at present.

  • Maybe all of us actually like to use the same cameras? :D

    How optimistic... ;)

    I myself would love to see ChasePlane in AFS2. I use it for the Q400 in another sim and I've setup 10 views with it: you simply position the camera wherever you want (which can be done extremely precise) and save the view. Done. Later on you can assign any key you want to any view (so this isn't even mandatory). I have my entire keypad reserved for views and I can go to any view with 1 click. (I am, to put it mildly, not a fan of cycling through views. You can however even assign any view you want to ONE key and that automatically makes it a cycle key.) In short, it's extremely flexible and extremely precise. And I like that. ;)

    The views in AFS2 aren't that flexible and they certainly aren't precise. You can't even set an exact zoom within in the sim... (unless you fool around with ini's). But I've talked about that before. ;)

  • Yes, (by now) I understand how you can change the view and then save it to a hot key in other simulators (+ payware add-ons) but I'm mostly interested in what these views are that you assign.

    Everyone wants to have a hot key to jump right back into the pilot seat, or copilot seat for that matter.

    Wing views is another thing that most of us love, since it reminds of our own flights as passengers and it's really immersive to feel like one of the passengers.

    And most of us want to see the overhead panel in a way that you can read the labels on it and also the FMS to be able to read what it displays and the radios so that you can change the frequencies.

    What are the other views that you want to jump to directly? (and need to do that from any other view, e.g. from cabin wing view directly to FMS)