Aerofly FS 2 Robinson R22 Helicopter Released!

  • The VKB pedals are great for helicopters, really sensitive around the centre. Again, not cheap, but if you already have a decent joystick, you probably don't want to ditch that and splash out a grand on helicopter controls. I've taken the big spring out of my warthog joystick, which makes it much better as a cyclic, and still has the four small centring springs so it works ok with fixed wing.

    I used my warthog throttle as a collective for a long time, reversing it so it pulls back to raise it and that was quite good. earlier this year I got a proper Robinson R-22 collective from OE-XAM and it is much better, but you have to be properly into helicopters to justify the expense. Worth every penny I've spent though for the kit I use.

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  • Hi everyone.Im new to the R 22 helicopter.Is there a way to set the controls for a beginner or novic.How is that achieved.I tried for over an hour to set my joystick and tried figuring out the easy set up.Thanks for anyone that can fill me in on how to fly like a novice.

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    Hi everyone.Im new to the R 22 helicopter.Is there a way to set the controls for a beginner or novic.How is that achieved.I tried for over an hour to set my joystick and tried figuring out the easy set up.Thanks for anyone that can fill me in on how to fly like a novice.

    When you select your R22 from the aircraft menu there is a check box for flying the professional version. If you don't check that box you are already in novice mode.

  • Was ich fast vergessen hätte zu sagen! Absolut super! :D

    Das fliegen im Profimodus erinnert mich an die Worte meines alten Fluglehrers: "Marco - immer ins T-Shirt kotzen - niemals ins Cockpit!" ( Alter Pilotentrick ) <X^^

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    Will this be released soon for us that don't use Steam?

    Yes. Please give us some time to do so.

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    When will the DVD version R22 update be available?

    Read above. This was literally just answered

  • I have to admit, I was feeling pretty good, having mastered the helicopter in just a few hours or less. Then I noticed the "profi" button, and the reality is that I won't be seeing my family any time soon.

    Seriously, what a great addition to a wonderful simulator. The attention to detail is obvious, and the immersion of taking off from skyscrapers in LA, or the mountain top at Schilthorn in Switzerland is just fantastic.

    Thanks so much for all the hard work.


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    Sounds awesome. How do we get this for the Mac version?

    Mac version will be worked on but please give us some time.

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    Don't assign the throttle in the helicopter, that is automatically controlled by the governor, you should not interfere with that.

    The axis on your joystick that you normally use for throttle should be assigned to the collective. You don't need the throttle in the R22 unless you want to cut the engine and restart it.

    "throttle axis" -> Collective

    Elevator -> Cyclic pitch

    Aileron -> Cyclic roll

    Rudder -> Tail rotor

    nothing* -> throttle

    nothing* -> governor

    * unless you really know what you are doing

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Aerofly FS 2 Robinson R22 Helicopter Released Today on Steam!” to “Aerofly FS 2 Robinson R22 Helicopter Released!”.
  • Just flown this for the first time, and I have to say: what an utter delight! Beautiful little chopper, so easy to handle and especially to hover in.

    There's a lot of places I'm going to explore now :)

    Edited once, last by steveiy: EDITED: found the Profi mode. A little more twitchy but still way more controllable than the Huey in DCS. VR makes it an absolute breeze. Been flying round SF landing on skyscrapers and discovered a new VR thing for me - a fear of heights! ().

  • Thanks for this nice heli!! I have no experience with it (in real) but it is so much fun!! First I tried the Easy mode. Instant fun. I did a short trip . Now I try to master the pro mode. Tippy toes!!! Thanks again team Ipacs!


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    my silly attempt)

  • Wow! I'm really looking forward to flying this baby, especially from KJRB, since I find myself looking over at the helipad several times a week, during my commute to work over the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Those are some really nice paint schemes as well. That blue one just happens to be the exact color of my new car, so you know which one I'll be flying on my maiden flight ;)

    Thanks Ipacs!

    Now, in my kid voice........ouu, ouu, can we get a Bell 407 next??? :D



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