Can AeroFly Access Shared 3d Objects

  • As present Fscloudport and other methods that use 3d models accessed via a TSC file, require that the 3 models be copied into the folder where the TSC is located (or a subfolder of that folder). This means we are replicating the same 3d models into multiple locations. Not very efficient.

    So is it possible to place 3d models in a common folder and let Aerofly know where to find them, so that any TSC file could access them?

    Thanks, Chris

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  • Yes that would be fantastic. I know every time I download a FSCloudPort airport, those pesky water tower files are included. Even when no water towers were placed in the area. Easy to remove, but this is the point of the topic, seeing if we can find a better way.

  • A similar question is: Can I save / convert an own object in that kind, that it can be referenced similar as a xref object?

    (A customer defined xref if you like)

    This the central question for the topic IMO.

    Free hint (courtesy of Vogel69):

    If you edit a Converter TMC file to replace <[string8][type][place]> with <[string8][type][trespassers]> and launch the converter, you cause an error.

    Look then at the tm.log file, you get the following error message :

    "ERROR: (type field must be 'default','place' or 'xref' -> 'trespassers' found)"

    Hence, the answer to the upper question should be yes, but how exactly?

    Could anybody at IPACS please provide details on how to gather objects in an XREF library ?

    Thanks in advance.



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  • Basically all objects can be collected in the xref-folder.

    From the individual TMC files you only have to jump to them -- and this can be different for each user, because each one saves his TMC files differently.

    The basic principle for the xref-folder on a Mac is:

    • Macintosh HD/user/username/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/...
      • .../scenery/xref/object.tmb
      • .../addons/scenery/usa/places/iaco/iaco.tmc

    From the IACO.TMC you can jump to the only 1x saved object with <[string8][type][../../../../scenery/xref/object]>.

    Tschüss, Michael

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