Glider Map / Nav App (just playing)

  • With the missing map in VR I thought I would look into third party options. And the only really way is using OVRDrop and FsWidgets, but FsWidgets isn't really aimed at gliders.

    So being a developer I thought I would have a play, turned our a lot easier than I thought to get something very basic working. Not tried it in any VR overlay yet (OVRDrop/Daily VR).


    Just showing a little bit of progress today.

    Added some basic flight information and the beginnings of a waypoint system. Current its just showing the heading back to 1 waypoint set at the airfield, the distance to that waypoint is also shown.


  • Had some success using dailyvr tonight, but after some thought and dailyvr not quite fitting what I wanted I have decided to write my own VR overlay app specifically for glider maps. Don’t see the point of having two apps/overheads when i can just do one - and it means I can specifically develop it to suit Aerofly glider cockpit.

    Will update as I go.


  • Ok so, as mentioned above, I decided not to use one of the already developed overlay apps (OVRDROP, DailyVR ETC) to bring in my GliderNav into FS2 because:

    A) They cost more

    B) They are not really designed for this so very clunky with bigger overheads on performance

    C) I can have full control over how I want it look & work.

    So I scrapped my original windows based GliderNav app and spent a bit of time today (not as much as i wanted) working on my own VR overlay system and only just had time to capture something before I had to go out.

    But this shows at least it working, this is my own overlay showing a full moving map (streamed in real-time). The video shows some jitter/movement between the map and the cockpit but this DOES NOT happen in the sim, so must be something of the SteamVR window I used to record it.

    So now to get to work on the map itself and the size/positioning within the cockpit.

    And sorry for the "shaking", thats me putting my headset on and then off.

  • I like. If gliding all together would be better in AFS2 I'd play a lot less condor. AFS2 is such a more pleasant environment to be in.

    I agree and my goal, although obviously I am limited to what can be done. But if I can at least get a decent map / nav system working then it will help to improve.

    I just wish either Aerofly had condors wind, thermal system and multiplayer or condor got Aerofly graphics and VR performance.


  • Small progress update.

    Done a lot of work on the actual VR overlay code itself and a then just made the map actually look like a device.

    The video below shows some jerkiness/elastication but again in VR this does not occor so its just from the recording.

    The video also seems to show the Nav device bigger than what it looks like in VR, in VR I have it so it looks something between a phone and a tablet.

    Next few days I will be adding actual Tasks/point to the map.

  • Hello gonzo84,

    Can you also provide us with your Navkarte for other aircraft within the simulation? I would be so happy finally to have a navigation map in VR available in all aircraft.

    Whether this is possible and with how much work I do not know, because I am in this respect only a (lucky) user of such freeware and have no experience of programming.

    So do not be angry is just a question and not a requirement!

    Thank you for the work and idea and I'm looking forward to your result!

    Good luck


    Hallo gonzo84,

    Kannst Du uns Deine Navkarte auch für andere Flugzeuge innerhalb der Simulation zur Verfügung stellen? Ich wäre so glücklich endlich eine Navigationskarte in VR auch in allen Luftfahrzeugen zur Verfügung zu haben.

    Ob dies möglich ist und mit wieviel Arbeit weiss ich nicht, da ich in dieser Hinsicht nur ein (glücklicher) Benützer solcher Freeware bin und keine Erfahrung von programmieren habe.

    Also nicht böse sein ist nur eine Frage und keinesfalls eine Forderung!

    Danke Dir für die Arbeit und Idee und ich freue mich schon sehr auf Dein Ergebnis!

    Froher Gruss