• I have recently started to use the AeroFly FS2. I have printed out the Q400 manual which is very helpful. I have now tried to fly the F-18 and have been looking for a manual so I know which button does what but cannot find a manual. I asked Support if they had one on 12/8 and again on 19/8; they have replied they have forwarded my request to the Developers, but without success.

    Can anyone suggest where I can find one, please?

    Also, is there an aircraft carrier so I can attempt to land? I have found a very good tutorial about "On-Speed"/Angle of Attack which is very useful for the F-18 so now I would like to fly it more seriously and try to land on a carrier. A manual would help me to learn more about flying the F-18.

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  • I have recently started to use the AeroFly FS2. I have printed out the Q400 manual which is very helpful. I have now tried to fly the F-18 and have been looking for a manual so I know which button does what but cannot find a manual.

    In addition to what Jet-Pack said (or: to explain what he sort of said ;) ): not all aircraft in AFS2 are created equal. The Q400 is one of the most feature rich default planes in AFS2, hence the manual, while the F-18 is one of the more basic 'featureless' aircraft, hence the lack of a manual. In its current state a manual for the F-18 wouldn't make much sense.

  • The originally bland F-15 is now a capable navigable FS2 plane. Using keys and switches the nav1 course, the heading bug and using the nav page, the VOR in use can be selected. A VOR in a simple route holds that beacon and DME as nav 1.

    Here is the KLO VOR setup for the 16 VOR approach to Zurich. The nav 2 was automatically switching to the nearest beacon, TRA is displayed here.

    Its good fun at 400 knots.

    The course should have been 157.

  • Indeed Thomas, I agree with what Lucky1960 said, this file does not exist in this directory?:/



    Best wishes 😉


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  • Thank you all for your help, much appreciated. As soon as I am able I will start to fly the F18. I look forward to downloading the missing folder when it becomes available.

    I like the comment "not all aircraft are created equal". Hopefully the F18 will become "equal" soon. I am not looking for a flight tutorial (I have the diagram showing the carrier landing pattern).

    What I am looking for is an image which shows what buttons/switches are active and what they do, i.e where is the Hook lever, HUD controls? Then I can print the image and refer to it as required.

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  • @TmSimMuc

    Moin Thomas,

    I have all data for your carrier Hornet and for me also for this download (catapults and landing on carrier, heliports on ships):


    I just don't know exactly how it is with the rights of third parties when I publish my part there. We cam make something to publish a new download.

    Tschüss, Michael

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • I don't have this folder.

    Tregarth , Tomfa

    I am sorry for the confusion. This location was for an upcoming update.

    For the recent version 1.0 you actually do not need a patch.

    Just use the carrier as it is.

    ApfelFlieger: Yes let us publish a seperate carrier. (->PM) I will add the correct credits.

    Cheers, Thomas

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  • However do not get your hopes up too high, one CAN land the F18 on the carrier, but there are no signal (ball, comm) and no arrestor cables so the landing procedure is not quite the regular one.

    Here is a quick checklist for a normal landing. The normal landing pattern is to fly over, do a left 2G turn, a downwing leg parallel to the carrier, then another 2G turn and land.

    Landing Procedure Checklist:

    On approach:

    • Check landing weight is below safe maximum (42,900lbs for F18-E, don't know for F18-A)

    • jettison stores or fuel as necessary (via jettison controls) (N/A)

    At five miles from carrier on straight approach, or on the oval pattern:

    • Descend to an altitude of around 600ft and bring airspeed down to around 200kts

    • De-activate the countermeasures dispenser (via the UFC) (N/A)

    • Lower the hook (pull the handle at the lower right corner of the cockpit )

    • Extend the landing gear (depress the red rocker switch at the lower left corner of the cockpit, or press [G] )

    • Flaps are automatic

    • If on oval pattern, start a 2G turn CCW to get into carrier alignement

    • Adjust thrust and/or angle of attack as necessary (indicator in HUD, maintain AOA, adjust glide slope with throttle)

    At FLOLS acquisition range (approximately 0.75 miles):

    • "Call the ball" when you see the FLOLS display (not available or needed here)

    • Monitor glideslope on the FLOLS and general position via ILS HUD needles, and respond to LSO instructions (not available or needed here)

    At touchdown:

    • Engage maximum thrust in anticipation of a bolter (do not do and better step on the brake in this case as soon as you touch down)

    • If you catch a wire successfully, throttle back to idle (not available or needed here)

  • No plans AFAIK. We've been trying to come up with some kind of solutions, so far that's the best we've been able to come up with. By "we" I mean a group of us users and tinkerers.

    Apfelflieger created this great model of the aircraft carrier, that can be landed on, which is already not a simple task. I think it came from other models too, not sure, the parties can chime in (Apfelflieger, Tom, DaveW, etc..) It's been a collective effort just to get here.

    We've also worked on the "ball" or FLOS but again so far that's it, yet really not much.

    The features have been suggested, but I don't think there are any plans from IPACS, although I don't really know, nor would they probably tell us until it's done, which I understand completely.

    Same with developing more electronic systems for the F18/F15 etc.. We can come up with stuff, but it's not easy to implement.

  • I don't know about you guys but I landed the F18 successfully on the deck several times even with 5kt winds. It's all about the speed on touchdown and that you don't bounce and that you have the parking brake set and and use the full length of the deck obviously.... :)

    OK Maverick (yes I know, wrong plane), we'll try to catch up to your top gun mad skills.^^

    Did you also try to land a C130, with full reverse, and maybe JATO. Oh wait we don't have a C130 :( and even less JATO:(although I hear they could be relatively easily implemented.;)