LYNX: A hole in the tank?

  • Did you turn the transfer pumps to manual and let them run for 10 seconds to build up pressure before moving them to auto ?

    Fuel is used from the main tanks then at 1/3 capacity the forward tanks are used to top up the main tanks, when these are empty the fuel then carries on draining from the main tanks (as per the real Lynx). You should see the transfer pump lights go on and off regularly if all is working well. I could not get FS2 to drain the forward tanks at the same rate fuel was being used. They fill up the mains too quickly hence the pumps fluctuate between on and off.

    Still, it was good practice for you doing an auto =O

    I did once forget to turn the transfer pumps to auto, the warning lights started flashing, I did the same as you and looked at the gauge, lots of fuel but a low fuel warning. Realising my error, a quick descent and landing followed, we then sat there for some time whilst the fuel moved from the forward to the mains. A lesson well learned


  • FS2 uses real pressure values and the transfer pump need to pressurise the system, hence the 10 seconds. It's only after 10 seconds or so there is sufficient pressure in the forward tank line to overcome the main tank pressure. FS2 is simple too accurate, which makes it ideal to produce a real world accurate helicopter or plank.

    The blue light simple means the transfer pump is working.

  • It can be corrected though, this is not a limitation of the sim. I had a version of the lynx where I had manually made it "non-cold and dark".

    If you need help with this just ask. From what you told me in the past you didn't want the helicopter to be ready for takeoff right away.

    I would be delighted if there's a way to have the Lynx launch with engines running. Any help you can offer to avoid the cold and dark cockpit would be really appreciated.

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  • This probably depends on where you fly which is why I am asking that exact question.

    The skids should never fall through the ground with default terrain or objects. But if a surface has a double sided face or is only very thin then the physics calculation also uses the underside of that surface, which is when you'll encounter problems. If you're experiencing this on a user made scenery then please make the necessary changes to the mesh to remove any surfaces with the surface normal pointing down into the ground.

  • Jan please help as I absolutely hate the cold and dark cockpit in VR. It’s a nightmare.

    I find it really difficult to operate all the switches in VR too, I spend most of my time trying to connect with a switch only for my finger to slide right through as if I'm some kind of frustrated ghost. It might take 10 or more attempts, moving around to find the invisible clickspot that will trigger the switch. The hardest bits are when a switch is quite close, like the levers, it just seems to confuse the sim and it can't predict where the connection point is.

    Everything works in 2D as expected, so I'd guess it's something to do with the VR implementation of the sim. At the moment it's too frustrating to fly due to this, and I don't have any interest in flying in 2D any more, so unfortunately I've had to park this beautiful machine for the time being. An engines running option would be appreciated by many I'm sure.

    I totally understand Larry Lynx moving onwards and upwards, I mean no criticism of his work. He has done what he set out to do and let this amazing project go free, maybe someone else will be able to devise a solution.

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