ah64a WIP..Please use the release version

  • https://flight-sim.org/filebase/index…ah64a-update-2/

    Hi Guys

    Just posted an update for the WIP Apache, still very much a work in progress but as you can see I am still working on the beastie.

    Switches required for flight are in the correct positions apart from 3. I'm afraid they need power to be able to work. So, move engine throttle levers forward, once engines up to speed, battery switch to Battery ( it's on external power at the moment so you don't need to start the engines using the APU). On the ASE panel (left side near main panel) turn on NOE/Approach and Attd/Hover hold.

    No there is no rotors turning ready to go, this is a WIP remember and will be added in the future when things are more stable.

    Should be good to go now.

    You can of course start the engines with the battery switch in the battery position. This does mean the APU needs starting ( rearmost right panel) simply move the apu switch to run, warning lights on CWP will advise what is happening. Remember to turn off the APU once engines running as it will consume fuel at the same rate as a normal engine.

    Since last update.

    About 10,000 more lines of code

    All switches in rear cockpit working

    60% switches in the front cockpit

    Re-modelled the canopy and windows to correct an error

    Texturing well underway

    Night lighting in cockpits

    All systems complete, still require testing fully

    Gun and sensors are animated, linked to main controls at the moment as there is not other way to do it till IPACS give us some user defined controls

    When I can work out how to give the glass more shine I will but all efforts at the moment are failing. Still no sound as I need some more coding to be able to hook things up.

    VR is very nice, feels like a big helicopter. Click spots are a pain in the rear, try to lean backwards to give more distance. There is a map, and other things, in the center display. No problems in 2D but in VR it is replaced by the HUD unless you lean in and then it re-appears... Master OBI Jan, any ideas on this one.

    Comments welcome


  • Hi Jan

    When I take a screenshot it shows there is nothing wrong but when I am using the VR (Oculus Cv1) it shows a mixture of the map and the HUD. If I move closer to the screen the Map takes priority. If I turn my head to either side I can see both. Will try to do a screen grab later and post that.

    Perhaps others may take a look to see if it's just isolated to my setup.


  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for all your work on the Apache so far!

    Same thing here with Windows Mixed Reality, screenshots show the map but in VR I have to go up close to the screen to see the map appear instead of the camera or HUD...


    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,4 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Pico 4, Quest 2 , 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

  • Are you sure this is in VR only? Is there any compilation of view position and instrument position that causes this?

    Instruments are only rendered when they are in view. Maybe this is the rear seat hud or sth being rendered on the forward screen, sth like two render lists with the same texture instead of two different textures?

  • Hi Heli fans

    Just posted update 3 for the Apache. Unzip to a temp folder and then copy the Apache folder to your user aircraft directory


    Have included cold (still more switches to return to cold), ready for engine start, takeoff, landing and inflight (not checked the last 2 yet so your on your own). When in cold setting the engines will ONLY start if you have either the external power on or the battery on with the APU started. No manual as yet so just play with the switches. APU is on the right side panels at the bottom, 2 annuns tell you its state, plus rectifiers come on line etc

    Sounds are being worked on so bear with me on them. Lots more modelling and texturing...will it never end.=O

    More TMD work also, things like auto and manual stabilator, throttle chop, flight controls etc. plus more things I have not thought about yet. Trim may be having a dicky fit as I added another control to it and I may have upset it. Manual/auto stab will need to fed into this as well so it's on my list.

    It looks ok in VR but I appear to have lost my VR legs so will have to build them up before I can go flying.

    I have a list of jobs and corrections longer than your arm, but there is light at the end of the tunnel............it's just so far away :rolleyes:


    PS, I do ask myself why I do these updates, well it's to show just how much work and time these things take, so next time we ask for this and that aircraft please give some thought for the poor designer and the months and months of work

  • I do ask myself why I do these updates, well it's to show just how much work and time these things take, so next time we ask for this and that aircraft please give some thought for the poor designer and the months and months of work

    Yep, that's the spirit. I can't yet imagine the amount of time spent on developing an entire aircraft, but I've seen the incredible amount of work spent by an entire team (Apollo or Hawaii) to do just scenery, and it's always a lot more than people imagine.

    "Oh why don't they do ...." well that simple thing is easily 8 hours and more. I know I've easily spent 2 digits hours developing a single building volume, and then the same amount is spent to texture, convert, position.

    I'm slowly getting into aircraft devt, and so far I've already spent close to 20 hours on it and nothing to show for it but a little bit of fundamental research (data, type, etc..)

    We do this because we love it, we offer it for free because we want to and can, but it certainly doesn't mean that it's just a Sunday cruise.

    Yet people will always ask. There are people that recognize and are sometimes (mostly?) silent out of humility, and then there are people that are just gimme, gimme. It is what it is, and we have to try to not let that stop us.

    The most difficult is when people ask for things that are obvious to us (but not done for whatever reason, or not YET done), but they think they have such a great insight as they looked at the product for 10mn.^^

    That's the nature of the beast!

    So thanks Steve, Jan, and all others at IPACS and every person that contributes or ever contributed.

  • Thanks for the incremental updates as and when they happen. I think the regulars sort of know what you give up for the heli community.

  • Hi all

    Just posted latest update, 2 helicopters in one, flying from the front seat is really different than the back. Approach view is very limited from the back, but vis is great


    Modelling is complete though I may add missiles for the release version. The guys at IPACS are not keen on weapons so I have to paint the noses blue and call them 'long pointy cameras'

    Color texture maps complete, I think. Still work to do on bump, ambient, specular, reflection, illumination, light...guess that all but the color.

    Most, if not all switches, knobs etc and systems work, also doors, guns, sights etc.. Best just play with things to see how it all fits together.

    To get heading hold, height hold to work bind button on your joystick to

    Hover ....Taxi light

    Heading ..Beacon light

    Trim......Landing light

    A note on trim. In the Apache its move the stick to where you want it then press the trim to hold the stick in that position. FS2 doesn't have this as yet so this one is experimental.it may work sometimes

    If you see anything thats obviously wrong please do let me know and I'll fix it.

    Some stats

    Polygons 410,000, give or take a few

    Texture maps 90

    Individual objects 950

    Animated objects about 700

    Lines of code in aircraft tmd 20,933

    Lines of code in controls tmd 7,387

    Sound files 12 at the moment

    Systems programmed. Electrics, fuel, rotors, engines, hydraulics, apu, plus a few others

    Still to program, Engine chop, navigation (if I can)

    Still to produce, manual and paintkit

    Hours worked ... an effing lot :rolleyes:

    Next update should be the release version, hopefully.


  • Hola Steve

    I have read your post and ... I was curious about that Apache. I have been reading your posts in the Forum with some attention for a long time, especially for all the infinite difficulties and questions you asked asking for help to solve the difficulties you were in. OMG! : 20,933 lines of code and hours of work ...

    It occurred to me to download your Apache and check its behavior.

    I was never passionate about helicopters; in fact, the R 22 did not cost me excessively, but the EC-135 is doing it, which is really smooth and very docile in flight. Therefore, I was curious about your Apache, which I also initially "not difficult to tame". I think I'm going to enjoy this work of yours.

    Congratulations for that enormous effort until reaching those 20,933 lines of code, and seeing your work of art fly.

    Kind ragards: DElfin

  • Thanks for your hard work. Only Got round to downloading this yesterday...brilliant work as always. The Glass looks fine on my setup Steve... you managed to get over that hurdle then? For some reason I find it doesn't like being on the ground... contact with ground makes it leep up to height... anyone else getting that?


  • Hi Matt

    Yep I am getting it as well, it's on the list, think its the damper values as it very soft. Modelling finished and textures getting there (specular etc) and will then bash on with the TMD, still need to fix the HUD bug too.

    Trying to also Implement an automatic stabilator system and stick position trim. Since the last update I've added some dummy missiles and an empty rocket pods ( need to keep within the guidelines). Also remodelled the side pods after the guys at Helisimmer noted they were too long and added the data sensor on the rotor head