Aerofly FS 2 needs to grow who agrees?

  • Could you please :saint: make a converter (TTX file viewer/converter) that will allow for editing of cloud textures , and all other textures inside of Aerofly 2?

    Currently, only a limited amount of textures can be edited released in your SDK.

    By doing this many people would start developing for your 8) very well VR performing sim. The fact that is VR is the future and Aerofly FS2 still has a great chance to grow in big ways if developers are allowed to create easily for this sim . Lately ,Microsoft Flight sim 2020 is very popular which will lead to fall in interest in other sims unless they are willing to do as MSFS has done allowing for easy editing to make new addons for their sim. The more developers make addons for your sim the more popular the sim becomes and in return the future gets better for that sim.
    Who else agrees this will help growth of this sim?:)

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  • Hi , I agree the basic FS2 version is rather poor, especially if you are living in Europe. On the other hand there are already quite some good tools around when you start looking around :) Especially the Aeroscenery tool is great ! It allows you to create your own texture based on bing or google maps with different resolutions.

    Secondly, you can create your own elevation maps using geoconvert which is part of the SDK tools.

    Last but not least you can get access to quite some ready made airports using the following link:

    I recently gathered/created most data for Belgium. It makes already quite a difference. I will share it the coming weeks.


    Stefan (also new to FS2)

  • Eh. As much of a fan as I am of the sims potential, honestly i've have never seen much evidence Ipacs were ever actually seriously interested in growth.

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  • The truth of the matter almost all sims without addons are dull.

    If we were given the option to edit the TTX files developers could make sky addons, airport ground and other items .

    Maybe even add reflective ness to water areas since all they would need to do is add an effect to the texture as glass on buildings or windows as it displays already in the sim now.

    When many come together anything is possible.

  • What makes me really wonder is, that Aerofly FS is still on the market (since 2012), despite all the boringness this sim offers after the first (and mabybe second ;) ) excitement has gone.

    So, there must be some growth, otherwise this sim has disappeared in subsidence already.

    Don't get me wrong, I really wish IPACS all the best, and wish that this sim will last for the next 100 years at least. But I don't count on Aerofly anymore, no more expectations from my side !!!!

    If the team brings some something new, maybe a new aricraft/helicopter, or a new feature they've promised years after years after years ago, yea, it's fine and I'll have a quick look.

    If not: " I don't give a damn " !

    So long and farewell, Aerofly :thumbup:

  • Aerofly, has been open minded releasing a helicopter,SDK and still here for support.

    That is why I hope they hear what people are saying and allow for the access to the sims textures.

    The feeling of true scale speed on approach before touch down or any other aspect of flying can not be beat in the flight sim world at this present time.

    With their background in true aero dynamic physics learned most likely due to the RC sim.

    Even though this sim is not new it just needs some polish and more users.

  • Lately, I have started to cultivate some Belgian airports in FS2. I was looking for some realistic buildings and found many nice ones made for X-plane... This made me start using Worldeditor which is really the best ‘ all in one’ tool I have seen!

    I managed to use it for adding buildings in FS2 with ModelconvertX (MCX) as intermediated step.

    WED (worldeditor) exports as .dsf which Modelconvert X reads and exports a complete FS2 scenery file with the objects and textures and .tsc file. The later you can edit as you wish as it is a text file.

    It would be great and of great benefit for IPAC to make a similar editor. Such a petty we have to keep on working with small SDK tools , script files etc.

    I prefer to import the .dsf file using the object importer of MCX as it will export all individual objects in stead of one big object holding all buildings. This can cause issues with the position height in the scene...

    A petty, though you can’t use WED to create the runways as this cannot be imported in FS2.

    - objects are positioned on a googlemaps alike background, no need to generate it yourself

    - easy access to objects in library with 3d preview

    - objects are postioned with real top view render and not a simple block. So you see immediately the right position

    - easy to rotate and move.

    - a lot of additional tools ( unfortunately not for use with FS2)

    Note: you need to have x-plane installed (eg. demo version) to make use of WED. Also ask permission to the owner of the objects if you can share them.

  • Leider mittlerweile auch meine Meinung.

    Dieser Simulator braucht gute DLC von guten Drittanbietern,ohne die geht ein Flugsimulator ein.

    Da können auch ein haufen Scenerien kommen von Hobby entwicklern...nur was nützt das Aerofly FS 2,es kauft keiner..und das zieht auch keinen an.

    Und wer das bis jetzt nicht langsam mal Begreift, geht ein. ?(

    Das beste beispiel ist für mich JustFlight Hawk bis jetzt kein Update.. nix geht und das für 35 Euro,ich könnte <X

    Für mich wars das auch ,ich stecke erst einmal kein Geld mehr hier rein.

    Mir würde es wirklich schwerfallen mich von Aerofly zu trennen,aber mir dauert das alles zu lange.

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  • Mir "reicht" der Sim , auch wenn nicht dauernd was neues kommt.

    Wäre zwar auch nicht schlecht wenn was neues von Ipacs kommt, und wenn ich das haben will, bezahle ich auch gerne dafür ...

    Ich muss aber nicht dauernd neue Flugplätze anfliegen, da es keinen anderen VR-Sim gibt der mir diese Qualität liefert und so problemlos und schnell startet und auch FPS-mässig so geil abliefert, gibt es eh keine Alternative für mich.

    Habe ich auch Freude daran einen Flugplatz 2 oder 3 mal anzufliegen oder auch mal über ein Gebirge zu fliegen das ich bereits schon mal überflogen habe ?!

    Ich weiss nicht so recht warum alle Nase was neues dazukaufen muss und dass einem da "langweilig" wird ...

    ich habe noch LANGE nicht alles ausprobiert was der Sim mir bietet.

    Und selbst wenn ... versuche ich z.B. meine Kunstflugfertigkeiten zu verbessern, oder mit dem Heli neue Übungen zu fliegen oder was auch immer.

    Klar gibt es noch min. 20 Dinge die ich auch gerne im Sim hätte ... aber wenn die nicht kommen, werde ich den FS bestimmt nicht deinstallieren ode raufhören ihn zu fliegen !

    Und ausserdem ist auch an meiner Hardware noch immer endlos etwas zum weiterverbessern .. .da habe ich noch jahrelang was vor :)

    ---------google translation-----------------

    It wouldn't be bad if there was something new from Ipacs, and if I want that, I'll be happy to pay for it ...

    But I don't have to constantly fly to new airfields, since there is no other VR Sim that provides me with this quality and starts quickly and without problems and also delivers moderate FPS, I also enjoy flying to an airfield 2 or 3 times or even over to fly a mountain range that I have already flown over ?!

    I don't really know why everyone has to buy something new and that one gets "bored" ...

    I haven't tried everything the Sim offers for LONG.

    And even if ... I try to improve my aerobatic skills, for example, or to fly new exercises with the helicopter or whatever.

    Of course there are still at least 20 things that I would like to have in the sim ... but if they don't come, I will definitely not uninstall the FS or stop flying it!

    And besides, there is still endless something to improve on my hardware ... because I have plans for years :)

    mfg, Jens ...

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    fragt sich nur wielange

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  • Mir geht es wie higgy. Natürlich weiß ich, dass es verlockend ist, immer etwas Neues zu haben. Doch ich bin schon jetzt nicht in der Lage, all das zu nutzen, was wir haben - und langweilig wird es mir mit dem Vorhandenen auch nicht. 8)

    Ich genieße das, was wir haben - und freue mich auf das, was noch alles kommen wird. :)

    ————— deepl translation —————

    I feel the same as higgy. Of course I know it's tempting to always have something new. But I'm already not in a position to use all that we have - and I don't get bored with what I have. 8)

    I enjoy what we have - and look forward to what is yet to come. :)

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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