• Please don’t delete, this is some useful info or questions for the devs that I have found while using Aerofly 2023 recently. I’ll list them as I think:

    1) Unique A380 A/P tutorial? I was flying LHR to Boston the other day (links in to another thing I have to ask in a bit) and I just couldn’t seem to use the A380’s autopilot. I know there is a general Airbus one already, which is why I’m asking about an individual tutorial because every time I tried to enter a Mach speed or get it to hold a speed or altitude it just decides to pull the throttles all the way back so I don’t know if it was something I’m doing or the AP is slightly broken (that’s the actual AP not the copilot assistant)

    2) runways at Boston are a bit broken. Offers 22R as a landing runway for approaches but doesn’t mark it as a land-able runway in blue like all the others (screenshots attached)

    3) more fuel for the A320 and especially Learjet 45? The 320 is okayy for now but the Learjet could really do with more than a tonne and a half, I got from farnborough to Nantes, not even Bordeaux when mine ran out of fuel at 41,000 feet. Is this something that could be looked at or will it have to wait for weight and balance to be actually implemented?

    My concerns for the 320 are just since if we want to go a bit further with one, like Lisbon to Helsinki, there is no other TAP livery or Finnair livery on an aircraft in the sim with a higher initial fuel load on board. Just to have 10,000 or 15,000 kg to start with would help with longer flights immensely.

    4) the 4th one is 3D buildings in Miami. I appreciate the addition of landmarks in other cities around Europe and the US, but I guess the question here is that Miami was 3D last time it was in an aerofly sim for mobile. Will this come back or is it a question of device performance?

    (I guess the same with Seattle which only really has 2 buildings modelled. Like I said I appreciate these being added but to have a few more would be nice. Totally constructive advice and no intention to badmouth the devs)

    Lastly, speaking of performance, sometimes when I use the exterior cameras around busy areas, frame rate seems to take quite a hit. Evidence spans from taking a Baron 58 around Miami Intl, gets a bit laggy when you start to pan around the aeroplane from the outside view. Don’t know if it’s the sim with so much data, or just that my devices are slowly turning into roasted potatoes with every aerofly instalment :)

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) if you could shed some light on some of these I’d really appreciate it.

    (Cue photos of dodgy Boston runway)

  • When the Airbus 320 runs out of fuel, the engines turn off automatically or is it not simulated?

  • The A380s autopilot is basically the same as the A320s. I did three flights with the A380 in total (London —> Frankfurt, Teruel —> Frankfurt, London —> San Fransisco)

  • The A380 autopilot behaves just like the A320. If you change the altitude selector and pull on it then the autopilot goes into OP CLB or OP DES mode. Then it commands climb thrust or idle thrust respectively and pitches up and down to maintain speed.

    The navigation menu displays navigation runways. That runway might be missing or faulty in our database, we will check.

    All aircraft the consume fuel at the moment, like for example the A320 and LJ45 simulate this with a preliminary implementation which is subject to change. You may see some fuel warnings but for now you cannot run out of fuel.



  • How can the reflections be a problem? The a/c look better then ever this year. A real plane is shiny to not mat.

    I agree, I praise their work, but let's take a look at the A320 and A380 (image below- I don't think that's normal right compared to real-life?)