Question before buying the sim / Learjet 45

  • Good day all,

    I tried looking for this myself and cant find many answers. I looked on you tube and google and still can't get an answer to my question. Sorry if this has been asked before, if so, link me to that thread and I'll delete this one.

    So, I've been looking for a decent Learjet 45 for years, the only one that I was aware of was the one in fsx (which is very basic). I came across aerofly recently and would like to purchase it, for the moment only to fly the Learjet.

    If any one of you flies that plane a lot, could you let me know if it's a decent rendition of the plane? Does it have a somewhat realistic FMC + systems? I am not expecting a study level aircraft, but something that can be at least similar to the real deal. Basically, is the Learjet good enough that it's worth for me to buy the sim?

    Can't find any review of that aircraft... It would be great help before I pull the trigger and buy the sim.

    Thank you :)

  • It does randomly run out of fuel though- only ~2000kg are loaded

    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • Hello,

    The Learjet 45 is quite realistic if I say so myself. The CDU is not fully functional but a basic route can be entered. But you could also use the Aerofly FS navigation menu to program a route. Then the FMS behaves somewhat realistic and you can use it for the autopilot to follow and for VNAV.

    As Frank already said there are tutorials available on our website which you can check out before deciding to purchase:

    Learjet 45 Flight Tutorial | Aerofly FS
  • I thought this was already fixed by me disabling fuel consumption a few updates ago? Did you verify this is still an issue at the moment?

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Yes- I flew it again yesterday from LFPO-LSGG and ran out of fuel climbing through 28'000ft. I burned 30% of the fuel taxiing so I think turning off fuel consumption would be an improvement (also for the Q400)

    I still love the LearJet though.

    One small request: Can we please have the external camera (Not in the cabin) of the rear right wingview since we've had that camera since FS1 and it wouldn't be that hard to re-add the rear left cabin view (For a total of 6 wing views)

    The cameras would be:

    -External front left

    -External front right

    -External rear left

    -External rear right- NEW (please re-add)

    -Internal rear left- NEW (please re-add)

    -Internal rear right

    That would add a lot to the quality of flying the LearJet. It is my favourite non-commercial aircraft so the removal of those views was upsetting.

    Thanks Jan!

    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • Check out this test-flight if you like:

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