Use your PC screen while in flight.

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to start a small conversation and find out if any of you out there are aware of the ability to use a small Steam Application called OVR with AEROFLY FS4. I have the PIMAX 8KX and I use the PIMAX openXR tool kit with my 3090 and boy does it work fantastic. After tweaking the settings for a while and going into VR mode, I can now watch movies or work on my laptop or just about anything else you do with a computer while in VR flight. My frame rates are solid 60fpms after maxing out the Graphic settings. too. You can scroll the internet while in the cockpit or sit in the passenger back of the Learjet and attach the screen to the back of the Seat in front of me. I love to sit there and watch movies and look out the window very much the way I do in real life. It is was relaxing in a way. Some should try it for themselves. It's as if it adds a new dimension to flight simulation. ;):P

  • yes you can. you have full visual use of your laptop. That is how you were able to sit in the back of the rear jet and look out the window while watching movies on the screen in front of you, while the autopilot does his thing.

    I hope at least one of you guys out there try it and let me know :thumbdown::thumbup: how they like it..

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