The 2017-2018 List

  • I was thinking that it would be fun to create a small list with the best 3 things that we like of Aerofly FS2 and the 3 things that we hope they will add/improve for 2018.

    What I loved!

    1. Visuals / Planes. - AF2 has probably some of the best 3D cockpits in the market, and in VR they look stunning.

    2. Performance - Seeing the sim running at 120fps with everything ultra... Amazing!

    3. ORBX arrival - Delivering airports with a visual quality/performance I never saw in a sim before.

    What I hoped it will be improved for 2018!

    1. ATC - Which I hope it will come along 2018.

    2. Ortho scenery creation- Having use tools like Ortho4XP I think the process can be simplified.

    3. Sounds - Part of the immersion is the sounds, and here AF2 is behind the competence. Perhaps the implementation of the FMOD engine sound can help.

    I'd love to read your list guys!

  • I love:

    1 The implementation of VR. Best I've seen.

    2 Performance- As stated above.

    3 The contact with the public- So easy to talk to and they inform you of what's going on.

    4 Sorry had to add another: Their ongoing work and free stuff.

    What I hope will be improved for 2018 or are looking forward to!

    1 Night street lighting to the regions we have already.

    2 weather

    3 Interested to see what they do with Touch controllers.

  • Ok, I’ll play... :)

    The love:

    1. The VR is hands down the best. When I fly DCS or X-Plane there is now a realization that there are stutters and gaps that used to be OK. The bar has definitely been raised.

    2. The planes and cockpits are beautiful. The Bücker is just a joy to fly and when I look at the wings I can see the rib stitching, the sheen of the finish, and the shadows as they distort over the taut fabric. I run a motion rig and hate to admit it but sitting in the Corsair and folding/unfolding the wings is so trick to see in VR while feeling the bumps and thumps and the slight rock as they reach the ends of travel.

    3. The enhanced scenery areas are stunning. Flying around Monument Valley and Grand Canyon is just sublime joy. I tried out ORBX's Chicago Meigs scenery and have Meigs for FSX-SE. It's never looked like what it looks like in FS2. Again with the Bücker but flying low in the Park by the bean and throwing it up on a wing right at the north buildings to turn just before hitting them feels like real aerobatics but with visuals that nobody will ever see in real life.

    The hope:

    1. Multiplayer support. Hopefully a compatibility layer where JoinFS can work since it can record and playback flights where you can build formations to do formation aerobatics, but I’ll settle for even just a direct IP connect with other pilots.

    2. AI traffic. The one thing that does stand out with FS2 is there is no life. I was kind of startled to see the couple standing and gesturing in front of the 172 at Monument Valley airport. I think Multiplayer support and AI traffic would dovetail nicely and probably use a lot of the same code.

    3. Weather, updated sounds, ATC, more planes, etc. Not so important for me but would be nice.

    All in all, FS2 is just a joy to fly and is now how I demo VR flight. It’s great now and has great potential for the future! :thumbup:

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  • I have been a long, long-time X-Plane flyer and I have to say that X-Plane now feels like an Atari 2600 compared to a PS4 because of FS2. And in VR, it makes that technology gap seem even worse....Pong, maybe?

  • Narrowing the list down to only 3 may be the hardest part.

    What I like:

    1. The excellent quality of the aircraft - all of them - but especially the Learjet 45.

    2. The loading speed of the sim, and the ease of use, the lack of needed tweaks and such, and the smoothness of it all.

    3. I like the new stuff for the users - FSET scenery, GeoConverter, special tutorials to help us learn, and especially the flight tutorials.

    What I would like to see introduced next year: My wish list would be very long, however the top three are:

    1. Water to splash a floatplane and dip my toes in while having a beer.

    2. A seaplane or floatplane.

    3. A helicopter to hover around and look at all the good stuff out the window.

    Sure, I want ATC, weather, more DLCs, more new planes, working FMS and fuel system for the Lear, but, I am a happy camper now.



  • . . . . . and what I want for Christmas is:

    More attention paid to the Saitek Panels (full implementation with digital readouts and such) and someone to get the Saitek Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) working in Aerofly FS2. Sorry, just had to throw that in.



  • What i loved!

    1- Beautiful and realist scenery allow great VFR flight

    2- AFS2 Performance and use simplicity

    3- ORBX in the place

    4- Q400, normally only like smaller planes but this one... :*

    What I hoped it will be improved for 2018!

    1- Weather

    2-More scenery, never have enough new place to discover :P (Austria and Idaho on the top of the list for me)

    3-More GA planes and a twin otter. Hope like Orbx for scenery, third-party editor for planes will come

    4-IA, improved autogen in the scenery... a more realistic world

  • what he said. :thumbup:

    And a good helo like a Dreamfoil Bell 407 :)



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  • What I like

    1. Orbx - I've loved their scenery since the original Australian scenery (being Australian myself) and their quality keeps raising. Their scenery in this game makes it a stunning experience

    2. Q400 - Really nicely made and performs beautifully. I love turboprops so this plane suits me well. The detail in it is great.

    3. Autogen/cultivation - The lack of building autogen has been one thing I am greatly missing from other flight sims. Photoscenery by itself just doesn't do it for me. 3D buildings adds a new level of immersion. And the performance is stunning! My 4.6GHz CPU struggles with Prepar3d and X-Plane autogen. IPACS' ability to create a flight sim engine where autogen barely has an impact is incredible and revolutionary.

    What I'm wishing for

    1. Real life dynamic weather - For me it's half the fun flying, being challenged by weather conditions and seeing the beauty of it. I'm currently in high anticipation of the imminent release of REX's Sky Force for P3D.

    2. More navigation devices - Namely FMC, GPS and ATC.

    3. More third parties - Third parties are able to focus on super high quality content, especially when payware. I honestly would have given AFS2 a miss if not for Orbx.

    - Ashley

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  • This is a nice idea.

    What I like:

    1. The performance. I am a longtime FSX user and in FSX this is sometimes hard to achieve. Here it works by itself.

    2. The planes are really great, all of them. These virtuell cockpits which are absolutely free of any flicker and so.

    3. Loading times and handling very good as well and the stability.

    And my special like goes to the team for the new free Colorado scenery. This is great.

    What I would like to have:

    1. In FSX of course I can also download pr scenery using FSET and run it, but without autogen. This would take ages.

    As this scenery is the native scenery of Aerofly, I want to have it with all the cultivation including buildings, trees and so everywhere.

    And therefore, as a first step, I want the trees in their places. They don't cause problems with the performance, so as

    soon as they are in place, I can run it on high or very high, looks very good.

    2. Some improvements of the water textures somewhere in the stock scenery and in the North East DLC.

    Ok, there is no animated water, but sometimes these reflections and other stuff in the images are a bit uggly.

    3. For the planes: Another modern small GA aircraft (what about a Piper?) and simulated mixture for the engines.

    Happy flying


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  • 3. For the planes: Another modern small GA aircraft (what about a Piper?) and simulated mixture for the engines.

    Hi Andreas, actually the mixture lever has been added to the default C172, so technically mixture is now implemented. It might undergo some changes but I'm sure over time it will make it's way into all aircraft.



  • About weather - everyone here should check out the REX Sky Force website that just got put online. Read about all the tech in their new weather engine which creates incredible accuracy as well as smooth performance on such an outdated flight sim engine.

    It'll be interesting to see what will be possible with weather inside the seemingly limitless AFS2 engine.

    - Ashley

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  • 1. Excellent VR performance with my Oculus Rift CV1.

    2. Very good graphics.

    3. Excellent aircraft models with good flight dynamics.

    The Future

    1. Animated water with seaplane support.

    2. Expanded developer support including a full suite of PSD templates and perhaps some AC3D-based aircraft creation tutorials.

    3. Dynamic registration numbers.

    4. Rotary aviation.