People you meet

  • I came back from a long vacation last Monday. We flew to Tokyo and cruised from Yokohama to Vancouver via 3 Japanese ports and Petropavlovsk in Siberia. It snowed on some days and the ship was covered in a light covering of snow. The Cherry blossoms in Japan were beautiful. After a week staying with friends in Seattle and Whidbey Island we cruised up to Alaska and back on a different ship. Again the scenery was gob smackingly stunning and I can recommend that Alaska cruise to everyone. The whole experience reminded me of why I got into flight simming many years ago. That was to experience virtual tourism and to go to places I could not afford to visit at the time. So .... more scenery in this fine simulator would be much appreciated.

    PS. Sometimes the folk you meet on board have strange or different ideas. One guy I spoke to said that their bucket list was to visit every state capital in the USA! How many State Capitals are there in AFS2 already?

  • All 5 Southwest DLCs have state capitals in HD scenery. The small areas in New York and Chicago are not near the capitals of those two states so I guess the answer is 100% of the full state DLCs have the state capitals available for visiting.

    I have many new airports, including the capitals, in my homestate of Mississippi, plus those in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. All added using the free tools provided and lots of assistance from many friends I have met in this forum.

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Norwegian fjord cruises are at the top of my recommended list. Amazing views, great people.



  • Did you see the Aleutian islands?, it looks like the captain had to do some work to avoid hitting them. I'd love to do a cruise and try sextant shots at noon, providing I could find somewhere fairly private!

    I had the German cardboard kit sextant which was great fun but it warped after a winter's damp in my car. Ship's lifeboat cheapo sextants were plastic.